1898 Argentine presidential election

The Argentine presidential election of 1898 was held on 10 April to choose the president of Argentina. Julio Argentino Roca was elected president for a second period.

1898 Argentine general election

10 April 1898

300 members of the Electoral College
151 votes needed to win
Nominee Julio Argentino Roca Bartolomé Mitre
Party National Autonomist Party National Civic Union
Home state Tucumán Buenos Aires City
Running mate Norberto Quirno Costa Juan Eusebio Torrent
Electoral vote 218 38
States carried 14 0
Percentage 85.2% 14.8%

President before election

José Evaristo Uriburu
National Autonomist Party

Elected President

Julio Argentino Roca
National Autonomist Party


Having obtained the aging Luis Sáenz Peña's resignation in favor of Vice President José Evaristo Uriburu (who was good stead with both Roca and Mitre), Roca once again carried the PAN standard in 1898. The UCR, which had lost its founder, Leandro Alem, to suicide in 1896, was divided between those who backed Senator Bernardo de Irigoyen's drive to form coalitions with more conservative parties, and those who supported the party's new leader, Hipólito Yrigoyen (who boycotted this and future "election songs" - establishing what later became known as the UCR's "break before bending" policy).[1] Public debate was heated on the eve of the January 30 elections to a constitutional assembly entrusted to increase the number of congressmen and cabinet members, as well before the April 10, 1898, general election. The electoral college yielded no surprises, though, and Roca was returned to the presidency.[2]


Argentine Republic
Population 4,462,000
Voters 89,200
Turnout 2%
Presidential Candidates Party Electoral Votes
Julio Argentino Roca National Autonomist Party 218
Bartolomé Mitre National Civic Union 38
Total voters 256
Did not vote 44
Total 300
Vice Presidential Candidates Party Electoral Votes
Norberto Quirno Costa National Autonomist Party 217
Juan Eusebio Torrent National Civic Union 23
Valentín Virasoro Liberal Party of Corrientes 7
Julio Argentino Roca National Autonomist Party 6
Lino D. Churruarín Radical Civic Union 1
Emilio E. Gouchón Radical Civic Union 1
Bartolomé Mitre National Civic Union 1
Total voters 256
Did not vote 44
Total 300

Results by Province

Province President Vice President
RocaMitreQuirno CostaTorrentVirasoroRocaChurruarínGouchónMitre
Buenos Aires City22132210111
Buenos Aires231823135[lower-alpha 1]
Entre Ríos20191
La Rioja88
San Juan88
San Luis99
Santa Fe2828
Santiago del Estero1414


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  1. In the vote table these 5 votes appear incorrectly as 5 votes from Córdoba.


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