1892 Argentine presidential election

The Argentine presidential election of 1892 was held on 10 April to choose the president of Argentina. Luis Sáenz Peña was elected president.

1892 Argentine general election

10 April 1892

232 members of the Electoral College
117 votes needed to win
Nominee Luis Sáenz Peña Bernardo de Irigoyen Bartolomé Mitre
Party National Autonomist Party Radical Civic Union National Civic Union
Home state Buenos Aires City Buenos Aires City Buenos Aires City
Running mate José Evaristo Uriburu Juan Mamerto Garro
Electoral vote 210 5 5
States carried 14 0 0
Percentage 95% 2.3% 2.3%

President before election

Carlos Pellegrini
National Autonomist Party

Elected President

Luis Sáenz Peña
National Autonomist Party


An 1888 massacre of a May Day gathering and an unprecedented financial crisis led to the formation of the first meaningful opposition to develop as reform movements in urban areas, culminating in the Revolution of the Park that forced Juárez Celman's 1890 resignation. These developments gathered speed when the Civic Youth Union became the Radical Civic Union (UCR), in 1891. Instability also prompted moderates from within the PAN to advance a diplomat, Roque Sáenz Peña, as the nominee. Roca foiled this move by persuading former Supreme Court Chief Justice Luis Sáenz Peña (Roque's father) to run – forcing the young reformist to withdraw. The UCR's appeal, for its part, helped lead President Carlos Pellegrini (who replaced the besieged Juárez Celman) to declare a state of siege a week before the 10 April 1892 elections. The resulting UCR electoral boycott left the ruling PAN as the only party on the ballot, handing its nominee the presidency unanimously.[1]


Argentine Republic
Population 3,858,000
Voters 77,200
Turnout 2%
Presidential Candidates Party Electoral Votes
Luis Sáenz Peña National Autonomist Party 210
Bernardo de Irigoyen Radical Civic Union 5
Bartolomé Mitre National Civic Union 5
Julio Argentino Roca National Autonomist Party 1
Total voters 221
Did not vote 11
Total 232
Vice Presidential Candidates Party Electoral Votes
José Evaristo Uriburu National Autonomist Party 216
Juan Mamerto Garro Radical Civic Union 5
Total voters 221
Did not vote 11
Total 232

Results by Province

Province President Vice President
Sáenz PeñaIrigoyenMitreRocaUriburuGarro
Buenos Aires City20121
Buenos Aires3333
Entre Ríos1717
La Rioja88
San Juan1010
San Luis1010
Santa Fe1111
Santiago del Estero1717


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