1886 Argentine presidential election

The Argentine presidential election of 1886 was held on 11 April to choose the president of Argentina. Miguel Juárez Celman was elected president.

1886 Argentine general election

11 April 1886

232 members of the Electoral College
117 votes needed to win
Nominee Miguel Juárez Celman Manuel Anselmo Ocampo Bernardo de Irigoyen
Party National Autonomist Party Partidos Unidos Partidos Unidos
Home state Córdoba Buenos Aires CABA
Running mate Carlos Pellegrini Rafael García Luis Sáenz Peña
Electoral vote 168 32 13
States carried 12 1 1
Percentage 78.9% 15% 6.1%

Most voted party by province.

President before election

Julio Argentino Roca
National Autonomist Party

Elected President

Miguel Juárez Celman
National Autonomist Party


Confident of his authority following six years of peace and prosperity, President Roca was by then known for his shrewdness as "the fox." Enjoying the support of the agricultural elites - as well as of the London financial powerhouse, Barings Bank - Roca daringly fielded his son-in-law, Córdoba Province Governor Miguel Juárez Celman, as the PAN candidate for president. A number of distinguished candidates appeared, including Buenos Aires Governor Dardo Rocha and Foreign Minister Bernardo de Irigoyen. Roca tolerated no opposition against his dauphin, however, who was selected nearly unanimously on 11 April 1886.[1]


Argentine Republic
Population 3,094,000
Voters 61,900
Turnout 2%
Presidential Candidates Party Electoral Votes
Miguel Juárez Celman National Autonomist Party 168
Manuel Anselmo Ocampo Partidos Unidos 32
Bernardo de Irigoyen Partidos Unidos 13
Total voters 213
Did not vote 19
Total 232
Vice Presidential Candidates Party Electoral Votes
Carlos Pellegrini National Autonomist Party 179
Rafael García Partidos Unidos 28
Luis Sáenz Peña Partidos Unidos 3
Bartolomé Mitre Partidos Unidos 3
Total voters 213
Did not vote 19
Total 232

Results by Province

Province President Vice President
Juárez CelmanOcampoIrigoyenPellegriniGarcíaSáenz PeñaMitre
Buenos Aires City2222
Buenos Aires31283
Entre Ríos1818
La Rioja88
SaltaDid not voteDid not vote
San Juan1010
San Luis1010
Santa Fe1111
Santiago del Estero1818


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