1880 Argentine presidential election

The Argentine presidential election of 1880 was held on 12 April to choose the president of Argentina. Julio Argentino Roca was elected president.

1880 Argentine general election

12 April 1880

228 members of the Electoral College
115 votes needed to win
Nominee Julio Argentino Roca Carlos Tejedor
Party National Autonomist Party Independent
Home state Tucumán Buenos Aires
Running mate Francisco Bernabé Madero Saturnino María Laspiur
Electoral vote 155 70
Percentage 69% 31%

Most voted party by province.

President before election

Nicolás Avellaneda
National Autonomist Party

Elected President

Julio Argentino Roca
National Autonomist Party


A leader of the Conquest of the Desert, as well as of the suppression of Mitre's 1874 uprising and others, President Avellaneda had decided on General Julio Roca as his successor, early on. Memories of Mitre's defeat did not sit well with Buenos Aires separatists, and this faction nominated the Governor of Buenos Aires Province, Carlos Tejedor. Roca's 11 April 1880, selection by the electoral college was followed by Tejedor's armed insurrection, and though the latter was defeated, Mitre brokered negotiations between Tejedor's separatists and the national government. These negotiations eventually result in the Federalization of Buenos Aires in September, stabilizing the powerful province's position within Argentina.[1]


Argentine Republic
Population 2,640,000
Voters 52,800
Turnout 2%
Presidential Candidates Party Electoral Votes
Julio Argentino Roca National Autonomist Party 155
Carlos Tejedor Independent 70
Total voters 225
Did not vote 3
Total 228
Vice Presidential Candidates Party Electoral Votes
Francisco Bernabé Madero National Autonomist Party 151
Saturnino María Laspiur Independent 70
Bernardo de Irigoyen Independent 3
Total voters 224
Did not vote 4
Total 228


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