1854 Argentine presidential election

The Argentine presidential election of 1854 was held on 20 February to choose the first president of the Argentine Confederation for the period 1854-1860. Justo José de Urquiza was elected president by a wide margin.

1854 Argentine general election

20–22 February 1854

106 members of the Electoral College
54 votes needed to win
Nominee Justo José de Urquiza Mariano Fragueiro
Party Federal Unitarian
Home state Entre Ríos Córdoba
Electoral vote 91[lower-alpha 1] 7
States carried 10 1
Percentage 88.3% 6.8%

President before election

Justo José de Urquiza
(As Provisional Director of the Argentine Confederation)

Elected President

Justo José de Urquiza

It was the first presidential election after the unification of the country in 1852, after Justo José de Urquiza defeated Juan Manuel de Rosas at the Battle of Caseros on 3 February 1852. The State of Buenos Aires seceded on 11 September 1852 and did not participate in elections until 1862.


Argentine Confederation
Population 640,000
Voters 6,400
Turnout 1%
Presidential Candidates Party Electoral Votes
Justo José de Urquiza Federal 91[lower-alpha 1]
Mariano Fragueiro Unitarian 7
Pedro Ferré Federal 1
Vicente López y Planes 1
José María Paz Unitarian 1
Benjamín Virasoro Federal 1
Facundo Zuviría Unitarian 1
Total voters 103
Did not vote 3
Total 106
Vice Presidential Candidates Party Electoral Votes Congress Vote[lower-alpha 2]
Salvador María del Carril Unitarian 35 17
Facundo Zuviría Unitarian 22 1
Mariano Fragueiro Unitarian 20
Rudecindo Alvarado Unitarian 13
Benjamín Virasoro Federal 8
Juan Bautista Alberdi 7
Pedro Ferré Federal 1
Total 106 18

Results by Province

Province President Vice President
UrquizaFragueiroFerréLópez y PlanesPazVirasoroZuviríadel CarrilZuviríaFragueiroAlvaradoVirasoroAlberdiFerré
Entre Ríos8521
La Rioja88
San Juan571
San Luis88
Santa Fe718
Santiago del EsteroDid not voteDid not vote
TucumánDid not voteDid not vote
Total91[lower-alpha 1]71111135222013871


  1. Although only 91 electors voted for Urquiza, in the final count he appears with 94 votes.
  2. As none of the candidates obtained the majority of voters required by the Constitution, the Congress elected the Vice President.


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