1840 in Australia

The following lists events that happened during 1840 in Australia.


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Governors of the Australian colonies:


  • 3 January – The Melbourne newspaper The Herald is founded by George Cavenagh as The Port Phillip Herald.
  • May – British Government agrees to cease sending convicts to New South Wales, some 80,000 convicts had been sent since 1788.[1] Convicts still sent to Van Diemen's Land and Port Phillip District colonies.[2]
  • 25 August – two Ngarrindjeri men are publicly hung along the Coorong in front of their tribe after being accused of the murders of all 26 crew and passengers of the Maria shipwreck. The two men had been convicted in a drumhead court-martial with Major Thomas O'Halloran, South Australian Police Commissioner, presiding and passing sentence.[3]
  • 2 November – Construction of The Causeway across the Swan River in Perth begins.
  • Sydney City Council and Adelaide City Council are incorporated. A ratepayer required 1000 pounds worth of property to stand for election.[2]



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