1821 in Australia

The following lists events that happened during 1821 in Australia.


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Governors of the Australian colonies:


  • 3 February - Sir Thomas Brisbane is commissioned as Governor to succeed Macquarie. He replaces Macquarie on 1 December of the same year.
  • February - John Bigge finishes gathering evidence on all aspects of the colonial government, including finances, the church, the judiciary, and the convict system. He then sails back to England.
  • 1 May - The Australian Magazine, Australia's first periodical, begins publication.
  • The Female Factory, for women convicts, is separated from the Parramatta Gaol. Many women are selected as brides or for domestic service.[1]
  • Parramatta Marist High School, Australia's first private school, founded by John Joseph Therry.[1]
  • Wool export in Australia - 75,400 pounds.

Exploration and settlement

  • March – Port Macquarie, a penal settlement, was established for convicts that had committed secondary crimes in New South Wales.[1]


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