17 Musicians in Search of a Sound: Darfur

17 Musicians in Search of a Sound: Darfur is a live album by American jazz trumpeter Bill Dixon. The project, a tour de force of orchestral composition, conduction and improvisational exploration, was specially commissioned by Arts for Art, recorded at the 2007 Vision Festival and released on AUM Fidelity.[1]

17 Musicians in Search of a Sound: Darfur
Live album by
RecordedJune 20, 2007
VenueAngel Orensanz Center, New York City
LabelAUM Fidelity
ProducerBill Dixon
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Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra
17 Musicians in Search of a Sound: Darfur
Tapestries for Small Orchestra


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In his review for AllMusic, Michael G. Nastos states "This is a project of austere emotion, clever counterpoint, and searing reality in dedication to a condition in the so-called civilized world that should never, ever be."[2] The Pitchfork review by Joe Tangari claims "Dixon has created an outstanding work of modern jazz and political commentary."[3]

Track listing

All compositions by Bill Dixon
  1. "Prelude" - 3:07
  2. "Intrados" - 3:58
  3. "In Search of a Sound" - 4:15
  4. "Contour One" - 1:43
  5. "Contour Two" - 0:10
  6. "Scattering of the Following" - 7:00
  7. "Darfur" - 5:27
  8. "Contour Three" - 3:14
  9. "Sinopia" - 23:37
  10. "Pentimento I" - 0:43
  11. "Pentimento II" - 0:17
  12. "Pentimento III" - 0:22
  13. "Pentimento IV" - 2:41



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