1792 in Australia

The following lists events that happened during 1792 in Australia.


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  • 14 February – Sydney's first retail shop opens.
  • 23 April – The French d'Entrecasteaux expedition, consisting of frigates Recherche and Espérance, land at Recherche Bay, Tasmania to rewater and rest.
  • 28 May – d'Entrecasteaux expedition leaves Tasmania and sails into the Pacific to search for La Pérouse.
  • 14 July – The Home Secretary authorises Phillip to make land grants to civil and military officers.
  • 1 November – The Philadelphia becomes the first foreign trading vessel to visit Sydney.
  • December – d'Entrecasteaux expedition makes land near Cape Leeuwin and explores south coast of Western Australia.
  • 10 December – With the colony beginning to flourish, Phillip is granted leave and permitted to return to England. He leaves on the Atlantic, taking Bennelong and Yemmerrawanne with him, and retires to a quiet life in Bath. While the British government decides on a replacement, Francis Grose (the commanding officer of the New South Wales Corps) takes control as Acting Governor.
  • 11 December – Francis Grose officially takes up his role as Administrator
  • 24 December – The American ship Hope arrives in Sydney; Grose is forced to buy alcohol to obtain other cargo.



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