14th Armored Brigade (Turkey)

The 14th Armored Brigade, also known as Tunç Kışlası ( Bronze Barracks), is a brigade of the Turkish Army based in Northern Cyprus at the town of Degirmenlik in Nicosia.

14th Armoured Brigade
Country TRNC
AllegianceTurkish Armed Forces Security Forces Command
BrigadeDegirmenlik, Nicosia
Motto(s)peace at home, peace in the world
MarchTürk Mukavemet Teşkilatı Marşı

M48A5T2 M60A1

EngagementsOperation Atilla

It is part of the Aegean Army Cyprus Turkish Peace Force[1] ( II.Corps) based at TRNC.[2][3]

Unit Elements[4]


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