Šipka is a cave located near Štramberk, Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic, 440 m above sea level. In 1880, a mandible of a Neanderthal child was found there. The age of the child has been estimated to be between 9 and 10 years.[1]

Šipka Cave
Šipka Cave
location in Czech Republic
Locationnear Štramberk
RegionMoravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic
Coordinates49°35′15″N 18°7′9″E
Typelimestone karst
Associated withNeanderthal
Site notes
Excavation dates1879 to 1893
ArchaeologistsKarel Jaroslav Maška

The archeological work in Šipka was conducted in years 1879-1893 by Karel Jaroslav Maška. The cave was probably alternatively inhabited by Neandertals and cave bears. The site also yielded Mousterian tools and traces of hearths. This was the first discovery of Neanderthal remains in their cultural context.


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