Đàn goong

The goong is a large bossed gong of the Mnong people of central Vietnam.[1] This is to be distinguished from a goong lũ (cồng đá) which is a lithophone. The goong may be played in a set of 9 gongs from large to small.[2]


  1. The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments Sadie, Stanley - 1984 "It is tuned by means of pegs, hit at the sides, forcing an inner frame against the membrane and thus tightening it and raising the pitch. Goong. Large bossed gong of the Mnong people of central Vietnam. "
  2. International archives of ethnography: Volumes 47-48 International Gesellschaft für Ethnographie - 1954 ".. un jeu de gongs composé d'un grand gong plat (chaar), de trois gongs renflés (goong) et de six gongs plats de taille (cnùg)."
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