Üsküdar Anadolu S.K.

Uskudar Anadolu Spor Kulubu was founded by Mehmed Bürhaneddin (Burhan Felek) and Dr. Hüdai in 1908. Uskudar Anadolu SK is a Turkish football club in Uskudar, a district on the Asian side of İstanbul. Their team colours are green and white. They are currently playing in Turkish Super Amateur League, Istanbul Group 3. They were groundsharing with Beylerbeyi SK at the Beylerbeyi 75. Yıl Stadı. They are currently playing at Spor Akademisi Stadium at Anadolu Hisari. The club wants to use the Burhan Felek Stadium but the ground doesn't meet the professional football regulations.

Full nameÜsküdar Anadolu Spor Kulübü
GroundVefa Stadı,
İstanbul, Turkey
ChairmanMustafa Dereci
LeagueTurkish Regional Amateur League

Defunct branches

Wrestling and athletics.


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