Úrvalsdeild Women's Playoffs MVP

Úrvalsdeild Women's Playoffs MVP is an Icelandic basketball award which is awarded annually to the player judged most valuable to his team during the Úrvalsdeild playoffs.


The following is a list of the recent Úrvalsdeild Women's Playoffs MVP's.

§ Player's team lost the Úrvalsdeild Finals
Player (X) Denotes the number of times the player has received the Playoffs MVP award
Team (X) Denotes the number of times a player from this team has received the Playoffs MVP award
Year Player Position Nationality Team
1994–1995 Penny Peppas[1] Point guard  USA Breiðablik
2004–2005 Alexandria Stewart Guard  USA Keflavík
2005–2006 Megan Mahoney Forward  USA Haukar
2006–2007 Helena Sverrisdóttir Forward  Iceland Haukar (2x)
2007–2008 TaKesha Watson[2] Guard  USA Keflavík
2008–2009 Slavica Dimovska[3] Point guard  Macedonia Haukar (3x)
2009–2010 Unnur Tara Jónsdóttir[4] Forward  Iceland KR
2010–2011 Pálína Gunnlaugsdóttir[5] Guard  Iceland Keflavík
2011–2012 Lele Hardy[6] Center  USA Njarðvík
2012–2013 Pálína Gunnlaugsdóttir (2x)[7] Guard  Iceland Keflavík
2013–2014 Hildur Sigurðardóttir[8] Guard  Iceland Snæfell
2014–2015 Kristen McCarthy[9] Forward  USA Snæfell (2x)
2015–2016 Haiden Denise Palmer[10] Guard  USA Snæfell (3x)
2016–2017 Ariana Moorer[11] Guard  USA Keflavík
2017–2018 Helena Sverrisdóttir (2x)[12] Forward  Iceland Haukar (4x)
2018–2019 Helena Sverrisdóttir (3x) Forward  Iceland Valur


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