Överstelöjtnant (Everstiluutnantti in Finnish) is an officer's rank in Finland and Sweden, immediately above Major (Majuri) and just below Överste (Eversti). Majors who completes a two year management course at the National Defense college in Sweden are promoted to the rank.


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Finnish Defence Forces rank of Everstiluutnantti is comparable to Ranks of NATO armies officers as OF-4


The holder of the rank was typically the deputy head of a regiment of 1200 troops as well as the commander of a battalion during battle.

Swedish reform 1972

All holders of the rank Major were promoted to Överstelöjtnant.


During peacetime, an everstiluutnantti is the commander of a battalion or a chief of staff for a regiment or brigade. The rank requires completion of a staff officer course.[1]

Only a few reservists have obtained the rank of everstiluutnantti. It requires active participation in national defence and a demanding wartime position.

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