Édgar Vivar

Dr. Édgar Ángel Vivar Villanueva (born 28 December 1944[1]) is a Mexican actor. He is remembered as "Señor Barriga" and his son "Ñoño" from El Chavo del Ocho, and as "El Botija" from Los Caquitos and Chespirito. His other notable role is in a Mexico telenovela, Amarte Así as Don Pedro, a lonely man who work as a cashier in the restaurant of his stepson El Frijol.

Edgar Vivar
Édgar Ángel Vivar Villanueva

(1944-12-28) 28 December 1944.[1]
Years active1964–present

Life and career

Edgar started his acting career in 1964 as a theater actor. He toured the United States with some of his plays. This gave him vast experience in the acting field. In 1970, Chespirito needed a robust person to play "Señor Barriga" ("Mr. Beliarge" in Spanish) as well as Ñoño in his upcoming Televisa production of El Chavo del 8, and Vivar was hired for the job.

Both shows became major international hits, allowing Vivar to become known beyond Mexico and to tour all over Latin America, Spain and, once again, the United States. He also made an attempt at becoming a telenovela actor, participating in his co-star Florinda Meza's production, Alguna vez Tendremos Alas (Someday, we will have wings).

His weight caused him serious heart related trouble after the half-hour Chespirito productions were over in 1980 (it is believed that his temporary absence from the show may have been weight-related, and was explained that his character, el Botija, had gone to a weight loss clinic.) In 1992, he left the hour-long Chespirito program briefly for therapy at a weight-loss clinic. He lost a great amount of weight, which helped save his life. He kept touring the countries where Chespirito shows were kept on television as re-runs after the show was over.

In 2006, Vivar appeared in the movie Bandidas as a bank manager. Also co-starred in a telenovela made in Argentina, Amarte Así, that became a major success in South America, Spain, and USA. Recently he had a role in the most recent production of Guillermo del Toro El Orfanato, filmed in Spain and released in October 2007. The same year, he voiced Auguste Gusteau in the Latin-American version of Disney-Pixar's Ratatouille. He later voiced Dug in Up

In 2008,[2] Vivar underwent gastric bypass surgery at a clinic in Colombia, and has lost approximately 165 pounds. Following his surgery, he has become an advocate for healthy living, particularly for overcoming obesity.

Following his weight loss surgery, Vivar retired all of his Chespirito characters, stating that because of his weight loss, they were no longer appropriate. He would, however, reprise the voices of Señor Barriga and his son Ñoño for an episode of the animated Chavo, the only castmember from the original series to do so.

Acting roles

  • 1970: Chespirito, Mexican television series (Sr. Barriga, Ñoño, Botija).
  • 1973: El Chapulín Colorado, Mexican television series (Sr. Barriga, Ñoño, Botija).
  • 1973: El Chavo del 8, Mexican television series (Sr. Barriga, Ñoño, Botija).
  • 1974: Mundo de juguete, Mexican telenovela written by Argentinian Abel Santa Cruz (1915–1995).
  • 1979: El Chanfle, film by Roberto Gómez Bolaños, with all the characters from El Chavo (Dr. Nájera).
  • 1982: El Chanfle II, sequel to previous film (Dr. Nájera).
  • 1983: Don Ratón y Don Ratero, Mexican movie by Roberto Gómez Bolaños.
  • 1983: El malas valiente del mundo, Mexican adventure film.
  • 1984: Frankenstein's Great Aunt Tillie, American comedy film (Feldwebel Erstarren).
  • 1987: Escuadrón sida, Mexican comedy film with Ramón Aguirre.
  • 1988: Musica de viento, dramatic comedy film by Roberto Gómez Bolaños.
  • 1990: Final episode of Chespirito (Sr. Barriga, Ñoño, Botija).
  • 1992: Gordo, Mexican comedy short (19 min.) by Enrique Arroyo (Gordo).
  • 1997: Alguna vez tendremos alas, Mexican telenovela (Sebastián Medina).
  • 1998: ¿Qué nos pasa?, television satire series (two episodios).
  • 1998: Navidad fabuloja, 30 minute television program (Rey mago).
  • 2000: No contaban con mi astucia, Mexican television program (Édgar Vivar).
  • 2002: De pe a pa, Mexican television series (Édgar Vivar).
  • 2004: El show del vampiro, Mexican short animation (voz del vampiro Max).
  • 2005: Amarte así, Mexican telenovela (Don Pedro).
  • 2005: Aplausos, Mexican television series (Édgar Vivar).
  • 2005: Chespirito: 35 años en el corazón de México, Mexican television program (Édgar Vivar).
  • 2006: Bandidas, film with Salma Hayek and Penélope Cruz (bank manager).
  • 2007: El orfanato, film by J. Antonio Bayona (Dr. Balabán).
  • 2008: All Inclusive, Chilean film (taxi driver).
  • 2010–2011: Para volver a amar, Mexican telenovela (Renato)
  • 2011: Juan & La Borrega short film by J. Xavier Velasco.
  • 2015: Cementerio General 2 Peruvian film, (Director of the psychiatric hospital)

Hispanic American Dubs

Guest star

2012: La familia P. Luche (la enfermedad de Federica) as doctor.

2014: "Requiem for Agustin Lara" at Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Mexico City


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