École nationale supérieure de chimie de Lille

The École nationale supérieure de chimie de Lille (ENSCL or Chimie Lille) was founded in 1894 as the Institut de chimie de Lille. It is part of the Community of Universities and Institutions (COMUE) Lille Nord de France.

It is located on the science and technology campus of the University of Lille.

It delivers engineering and research curricula (masters and doctoral studies) in the following chemistry area :

  • Sustainable Chemistry and processes for next generation chemistry,
  • Formulation Chemistry,
  • Materials science/metallurgy.

Masters and Specialized Mastères (MS)

Master's degrees are joint program curricula with University of Lille faculties and/or École centrale de Lille.

Doctoral studies and Research laboratories

Research is associated with the Institut des molécules et de la matière condensée de Lille of the Université Lille Nord de France (University of Lille) and is supported through the following laboratories :

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