École Belge de Bujumbura

École Belge de Bujumbura (EBB) or the École Belge du Burundi is a Belgian international school in Bujumbura, Burundi. It serves students ages 3–18, in maternelle (preschool) through sécondaire (secondary school). The school supports both Francophone and Dutch-speaking students.[1] It is a part of the Association des écoles à programme belge à l'étranger (AEBE).

École Belge de Bujumbura
École Belge de Bujumbura
Boulevard de Yaranda, Bujumbura, Burundi
Coordinates3.3938487°S 29.36024109999994°E / -3.3938487; 29.36024109999994


The school opened in September 1965 and the Burundian government recognised the school through a ministerial decree passed on 3 July 1969. The school reopened in 1996 despite an embargo put on the Burundian government.[1]

Student body

As of 15 October 2014 the school had 509 students. This was an increase from its October 1996 figure, 233 students.[1]


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