École Antoine de Saint-Exupéry de Kigali

The École Antoine de Saint-Exupéry de Kigali (EFASE), also known as the Kigali French School, is a school in Downtown Kigali, Rwanda.[1] The school, with a capacity of 400 students,[2] serves nursery (maternelle) to upper secondary (lycée) levels.[3]


The school was created in 1973. The school was closed from 1994 to 1998 due to deteriorated relations between the Governments of France and Rwanda following the Rwandan Genocide.[4]

In 2006, after France and Rwanda severed diplomatic relations, the Rwandan authorities forced the school to close. They gave a 72-hour deadline for the school to end operations. The school closed on Monday 27 November 2006.[1] In 2009 France and Rwanda restored diplomatic relations.[5] In September 2010 the school reopened with 200 students. Jean Nepomuscene Rushayigi, the headmaster, said that at the time 80% of the students were Rwandan nationals.[2]


The school uses a French curriculum, which is also recognized by the Rwandan government. English classes are a requirement for students,[6] and the school teaches in both languages. The school year begins in September and ends in July. Students travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Nairobi, Kenya to take A-level examinations.[2]


The campus includes fifteen classrooms, one cafeteria and dining hall, one laboratory room, one clinic, two libraries, a digital laboratory, two computer labs, and athletic facilities.[7]


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