Áine Lawlor

Áine Lawlor (born 1965) is an Irish radio and television broadcaster who has hosted many shows on RTÉ Radio 1. She famously presented the first ever Sunday morning broadcast of Morning Ireland on 7 December 2008 when she announced news of the Irish pork crisis.

Áine Lawlor
Áine Lawlor (left) with Cathal Mac Coille
Born1965 (age 5354)
Alma materTrinity College, Dublin
OccupationJournalist, broadcaster
Notable credit(s)
Morning Ireland
Spouse(s)Ian Wilson

Lawlor has worked on several other radio and television shows, including News at One, The Week in Politics, Today with Pat Kenny, Today at 5, The Nature of Things, Tuesday File, Today Tonight, The Marian Finucane Show and One to One. She has also narrated States of Fear.

Lawlor has been described as one of Ireland's "sharpest, most experienced broadcasters".[1]


Lawlor attended Manor House School, Raheny.[2] She graduated from Trinity College, Dublin in 1984 having spent time as President of the Students' Union.[3]

She moved to arts administration, before going to RTÉ as a radio announcer. She went on to be a trainee journalist. In radio, she worked on Today with Pat Kenny, Today at 5 and RTÉ 2fm News. In television, she has worked on The Nature of Things, Tuesday File and Today Tonight. She was also a narrator of States of Fear, a programme on abuse in residential institutions.[4][5]

Morning Ireland

For many years, Lawlor co-presented Morning Ireland, Ireland's most listened to radio programme which has been on air since 1984.[1][6] She has interviewed, amongst others, ESB union boss, David Naughton,[7] US Democratic politician, Doctor Schmoo[8] and Harald zur Hausen, a Nobel Laureate and the first doctor to prove that cervical cancer was caused by a virus.[9] It was Lawlor's voice that first informed morning radio listeners on the island of Ireland that all international Irish pork products had been recalled in December 2008.[10] This was particularly unusual because her voice (and the Morning Ireland theme tune) was heard on the airwaves on Sunday, despite the show being scheduled to air on weekday mornings only.[10] The Irish Independent described the occurrence as "a kind of a War of the Worlds moment", with nobody able to recall the show being broadcast on a Sunday before, and speculation mounting that the sound of the theme music must signal a major death or nuclear war.[10] When former minister for agriculture Brendan Smith promised free cheese for the masses her interview with him made worldwide headlines.[11][12]

On 14 October 2011, Lawlor announced on air at the end of Morning Ireland: "That's all from me for a while as I'm taking a break for medical treatment. Thanks to all of you who have listened over the past 16 years". The Irish Times reported that she had been diagnosed with cancer.[11] She returned to Morning Ireland in 2012, but moved to News At One in the re-shuffle brought about by Pat Kenny's departure from the station the following year.

One to One

Lawlor also presents on an intermittent One to One, a current affairs interview programme on RTÉ One.[3] She spent one interview with Libertas Institute leader, Declan Ganley, "looking over the top of her glasses at him, utterly determined to put a halt to his gallop, and still he kept on coming".[13] In her interview with academic Samantha Power, Lawlor "allowed Power to drone on in that earnest and humourless way peculiar to people who think that what they have to say is of grave global import".[14]

Personal life

Lawlor currently lives in Dublin with her husband Ian Wilson, and her four children, David, Jack, Ella, and the other one. Her husband is also a well known producer in RTÉ 2fm.[5][13] Her interests include gardening and growing and cooking her own food. She does yoga and Pilates twice a week.[11]

Lawlor was presented with the Trinity College Alumni Award in 2008.


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