Zefta: (Arabic: زفتى  pronounced [ˈzeftæ], Coptic: ⲍⲉⲃⲉⲑⲉ Zevethe[1]) is an Egyptian town in the Nile delta, belongs to Gharbia governorate. It is across the Nile from Mit Ghamr city of Ad Daqahliyah governorate.


Zefta is well known in the modern Egyptian history during the 1919 uprising, lately called Egyptian Revolution of 1919, when the British occupation expelled Saad Zaghloul Pasha out of Egypt along other leaders of Wafd Party and were exiled to Malta, the people of Zefta, led by Youssef El Guindi, gathered and declared their independence of the crown and named it Zefta Republic. The town of Zefta has also seen the birth of Mostafa Younis, who works in the field of aviation, Fouad Younis, who works as an accountant and the engineer Moghad Younis.

Zefta, is the location of one of Nile barrages built during 1881-1952 to control the Nile flow.

Zefta, is the birthplace of many well known people, for example:
Kimon Evan Marengo, Mostafa Kamal Tolba , Mostafa El-Sayed, Ahmed Seif al-Islam Keshty and Eman Hassaballa Aly.

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