Vittoria (1813 ship)

Vittoria was a sailing ship built in 1813 at Gainsborough. She made one voyage transporting convicts to Australia. She was last listed in 1854.

United Kingdom
Name: Vittoria
Builder: Gainsborough
Launched: 1813
General characteristics
Tons burthen: 395,[1] or 400[2] (bm)
Propulsion: Sail


Lloyd's Register for 1813 shows Vittoria, of Hull, with Woodhouse, master, Smith, owner, and trade Hull—London.[2] (At the time Gainsborough was an important port with trade downstream to Hull, and was the most inland port in England, being more than 55 miles (90 km) from the North Sea.)

Under the command of John Smith, with the surgeon James Dickson, Vittoria sailed from Devonport, England on 1 September 1828, and arrived at Port Jackson on 17 January 1829[1] Vittoria embarked 160 male convicts and had nine deaths en route.[3] Lieutenant Aubyn and 30 men of the 63rd Regiment of Foot provided the guard.

Vittoria left Port Jackson on 24 February 1829 bound for Batavia.[4]

Vittoria, late Smith, master, put into Mauritius on 25 November 1829. On her way from Manila to London she had an encounter in which Malays had killed her master, second mate, boatswain, carpenter, and part of the crew. She was in want of a foremast and extensive repairs.[5]


Vittoria was last listed in Lloyd's Register in 1854.

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