United States Coast Guard Research & Development Center

The United States Coast Guard Research & Development Center (CG RDC) located in New London, Connecticut is the Coast Guard's center for operational analysis and mission execution solutions. The Research & Development Center is dedicated to maximizing its contribution by maintaining a balanced portfolio of projects that support the Coast Guard's short, medium, and long range requirements across all major missions.[1] is the Coast Guard's sole facility performing research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E) in support of the Coast Guard's major mission areas of; Environmental Protection, Maritime Law Enforcement, Protection of Life and Property at Sea and National Defense Preparedness.[2] The R& D Center's technology research includes: detection, interdiction and prosecution of drug smugglers; cleaning up oil spills; maritime navigation safety; alertness and performance of commercial and CG crews; eliminating invasive species for ship ballast water. It is located in the Fort TRUMBULL section of New London at 1 Chelsea St. New London, 06320


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