Tan Eng Chye

Tan Eng Chye (Chinese: 陳永財; pinyin: Chén Yǒngcái)) is the 5th and current President of the National University of Singapore (NUS), serving since January 2018.[1] Previously he was Deputy President (Academic Affairs) and Provost at NUS.

Tan Eng Chye
5th President of the
National University of Singapore
Assumed office
January 1, 2018
Preceded byTan Chorh Chuan
Personal details
Alma mater
Scientific career
InstitutionsNational University of Singapore
ThesisOn Some Geometrical Properties of K-Types of Representations (1989)
Doctoral advisorRoger Evans Howe


Tan Eng Chye attended Raffles Institution (1974 to 1979), obtained his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (First Class Honours, 1985) at NUS and his PhD (1989) at Yale University under the guidance of Roger Howe.[2] He joined NUS as a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics in 1985, as a Senior Tutor, eventually becoming the Department's Deputy Head in 1999. In June 2003, he was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Science, a post he held till March 2007. Up till 2017, he served as NUS’ Deputy President (Academic Affairs) and Provost.

Research, Honours and Awards

Tan Eng Chye's research interests are Representation Theory of Lie Groups and Lie Algebras, Invariant theory and Algebraic combinatorics. In collaboration with Roger Howe, he has written a well-known graduate-level textbook on non-Abelian harmonic analysis and contributed to several subjects in representation theory including degenerate principal series representations and branching rules. He has also been active in promoting mathematics, having established the Singapore Mathematical Society Enrichment Programmes in 1994, revamped the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad in 1995 to allow more participation from students, and initiated a series of project teaching workshops for teachers in 1998. He served as President of the Singapore Mathematical Society from 2001 to 2005 and President of the South East Asian Mathematical Society from 2004 to 2005.

Tan received the Public Administration Medal (Gold), in Singapore's National Day Awards 2014.[3] He has been a Fellow of the Singapore National Academy of Science since 2011.[4] He was conferred the Wilbur Lucius Cross Medal by the Yale Graduate School Alumni Association in 2018,[5] and received an Honorary Doctor of Science from the University of Southampton, UK in the same year.[6]

Selected works

  • Roger Howe and Eng-Chye Tan Non-Abelian harmonic analysis. Applications of SL(2,R), Universitext. Springer-Verlag, New York, 1992. ISBN 0-387-97768-6.
  • Howe, Roger E.; Tan, Eng-Chye (1993). "Homogeneous Functions on Light Cones: \\the Infinitesimal Structure of some Degenerate Principal Series Representations". Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society. 28: 1–75. doi:10.1090/S0273-0979-1993-00360-4.
  • Aslaksen, Helmer; Tan, Eng-Chye; Zhu, Chen-Bo (1995). "Invariant theory of special orthogonal groups". Pacific Journal of Mathematics. 168 (2): 207–215. doi:10.2140/pjm.1995.168.207.
  • Howe, Roger; Tan, Eng-Chye; Willenbring, Jeb F. (2005). "Stable branching rules for classical symmetric pairs". Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. 357 (4): 1601–1627. doi:10.1090/S0002-9947-04-03722-5.


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Academic offices
Preceded by
Tan Chorh Chuan
President of National University of Singapore
January 1, 2018 - present
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