Suwałki Governorate

Suwałki Governorate (Russian: Сувалкская губерния, Polish: gubernia suwalska) was a governorate (administrative area) of Congress Poland ("Russian Poland") which had its seat in the city of Suwałki. It covered a territory of about 12,300 km².

Suwałki Governorate
Сувалкская губерния
Gubernia suwalska
Suvalkų gubernija
Governorate of Russian Empire
Coat of arms

Suwałki Governorate
  Coordinates54°5′N 22°56′E
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Augustów Governorate
Bialystok-Grodno District
Today part of Poland


In 1867, the territories of the Augustów Governorate and the Płock Governorates were re-organised to form the Płock Governorate, the Suwałki Governorate (consisting mostly of the Augustów Governorate territories) and a recreated Łomża Governorate.

After World War I, the governorate was split between the Second Polish Republic and Lithuania, mostly along ethnic lines (with an exception of Puńsk). The Polish part, known as Suwałki Region, was incorporated into the Białystok Voivodeship. The Lithuanian region of Suvalkija was named after the governorate.


According to contemporary Russian Empire statistics, from 1889 the Suwałki Governorate was predominantly Lithuanian since they comprised 57.8% of the population.[1] Lithuanians formed a majority only in the northern part of the governorate in the counties of Kalvarija, Marijampolė, Naujamiestis, Vilkaviškis as well as the eastern part of Sejny. Poles were in a majority in the southern part of the governorate in the counties of Suwałki, Augustów and in the western part of Sejny.[2]

Population in 1897[3]

Administrative divisions

It was divided into seven counties:[4]

County County Seat Major Towns
Augustów County Augustów LipskRaczkiSopoćkinie
Kalvarija County Kalvarija LiudvinavasAlytusSimnas
Marijampolė County Marijampolė BalbieriškisPilviškėsPanemunėPrienaiZapyškis
Sejny County Sejny KapčiamiestisLazdijaiSeirijai
Suwałki County Suwałki BakałarzewoFilipówPrzeroślWiżajny
Naujamiestis County Naujamiestis SudargasŠakiai
Vilkaviškis County Vilkaviškis VirbalisVištytis


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