A substring is a contiguous sequence of characters within a string. For instance, "the best of" is a substring of "It was the best of times". This is not to be confused with subsequence, which is a generalization of substring. For example, "Itwastimes" is a subsequence of "It was the best of times", but not a substring.

Prefix and suffix are special cases of substring. A prefix of a string is a substring of that occurs at the beginning of . A suffix of a string is a substring that occurs at the end of .

The list of all substrings of the string "apple" would be "apple", "appl", "pple", "app", "ppl", "ple", "ap", "pp", "pl", "le", "a", "p", "l", "e", "".


A string is a substring (or factor)[1] of a string if there exists two strings and such that . In particular, the empty string is a substring of every string.

Example: The string ana is equal to substrings (and subsequences) of banana at two different offsets:


The first occurrence is obtained with b and