Steyr SSG 04

The Steyr SSG 04 (German: Scharfschützengewehr 2004, English: Sniper Rifle 04) is a modern bolt action sniper rifle developed and produced by Steyr Mannlicher in Austria, as a complement to Steyr's SSG 69, using the same Safe Bolt System (SBS) action developed for Steyr's hunting rifles. It is also the basis for the Steyr SSG 08 and Steyr SSG Carbon.

Steyr SSG 04
TypeSniper rifle
Place of originAustria
Service history
Used bySee Users
Production history
ManufacturerSteyr Mannlicher
VariantsSSG 04 A1
Mass10.375 lb (4.706 kg) (unloaded)
Length42.6 in (1,080 mm) (20 in barrel)
46.2 in (1,170 mm) (23.6 in barrel)
Barrel length20 in (510 mm)
23.6 in (600 mm)

Cartridge.308 Winchester
.300 Winchester Magnum
ActionBolt action
Feed system10-round detachable box magazine (.308 Winchester)
8-round detachable box magazine (.300 Win Mag)
Sights20 MOA Picatinny rail

It is available in .308 Winchester, with either a 20-inch ("compact") or 23.6-inch heavy barrel, or .300 Winchester Magnum, with a 23.6-inch heavy barrel. There is one variant; the SSG 04 A1, which replaces the base model's Picatinny rail over the action with a shroud attached to the receiver, that covers the barrel for the length of the forend. Atop the shroud is a Picatinny rail that runs from the rear of the receiver to the front of the shroud, and two shorter lengths of Picatinny rail are mounted on either side of the front of the shroud.[1][2]



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