States and regions of Somalia


The regions of northeastern state of Puntland formed in 1998. Galmudug is another regional administration that emerged in central Somalia. Jubaland in the far south is a fourth state region within Somalia.[1] In November 2014, a new South West Somalia was likewise established.[2] In October 2016, a formation conference was also launched for a new Hirshabelle state.[3]

The Federal Parliament is tasked with selecting the ultimate number and boundaries of the autonomous regional states (officially, Federal Member States) within the Federal Republic of Somalia.[4][5] To this end, the legislature in December 2014 passed a law establishing the Boundary and Federalization Commission.[6] The body is mandated with determining the boundaries of the country's constituent Federal Member States, as well as arbitrating between these regional states on their respective jurisdiction.[7]

Federal member states

As of 2016, Somalia is officially divided into 6 federal member states:[8][3]

Below are the regions of Somalia, along with their capitals shown in brackets:

Note: Khatumo State is not recognised by Puntland, the Somali government, or Self Declared Republic of Somaliland.

Former states

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