Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory

The Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory abbreviated as SAET is a non-profit membership society founded to "advance knowledge in theoretical economics and to facilitate communication among researchers in economics, mathematics, game theory, or any other field which is potentially useful to economic theory." Membership includes economists, mathematicians, game theorists, and other individuals with interests in economics based on rigorous theoretical reasoning.


The society was founded in 1991 by Charalambos D. Aliprantis, Edward C. Prescott, and Nicholas C. Yannelis. It holds several events every year.[1]

Academic Journals

The Society is responsible for the publication of the peer-reviewed journal Economic Theory, the first edition of which was published in March 1991.[2]

The society also publishes the journal Economic Theory Bulletin [3] which specializes in short and/or survey articles.


The society holds annual conferences that attract a large number of academic economists. The inaugural conference in 1993 was held in the Greek island of Cephalonia.[4] In recent years annual conferences have alternated between European and Asian/South American locations.


Economic Theory Fellows in the Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory are elected by the Society's Fellowship Committee for their scientific excellence, originality, and leadership; high ethical standards; and scholarly and creative achievement. The Fellowship Committee includes a nomination subcommittee which is elected by fellows. Foundation Fellows were selected in 2011, and new Fellows have been elected annually from 2012.


Edward C. Prescott, 1990-1994 Charalambos D. Aliprantis, 1995-1997 Nicholas C. Yannelis, 1998-2008 Charles R. Plott, 2009-2010 David K. Levine, 2011-2012 Aloisio Araujo, 2013-2014 Bernard Cornet 2015-2016


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