Singaporean units of measurement

Several units of measurement were used in Singapore to measure length, mass, etc. During 1968-70, the metric system was adopted in Singapore.[1] Apartment or office size is generally still given in square feet except for HDB flats.

System during the later half of the 19th century

Several units were used in Singapore under Straits Settlements.

Length units

1 covid (aka. hasta) = 18 inches which is equal to 45.72 cm.[2]

Mass units

1 mace (aka. miam) = 52 grain equal to 3.36954 grams.

1 buncal (for gold) = 822 grain equal to 53.2647 grams.[2]

Metric Units


250 ml = metric Cup. 500 ml = metric Pint. 1 Litre = metric Quart.


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