Shibin El Qanater

Shibin El Qanater (Arabic: شبين القناطر) is a region (markaz) in Egypt situated in the center of the Qalyubia Governorate. Its population was 423,783 at the 2006 Census and comprises 36 villages.

Shibin El Qanater
Country Egypt
Time zoneUTC+2 (EST)
Shibin Al-Qanater

List of villages

  • El Ahraz
  • El Hasafah
  • El Kulzom
  • El Shawbak
  • El Zahweyeen
  • Ezbet El Gewily
  • Ezbet El wekala
  • Kafr El Dair
  • Kafr El Shaikha Salma
  • Kafr El Shawbak
  • Kafr El Sohby
  • Kafr Shibin
  • Kafr Taha
  • Mansh'at El Keram
  • Menyet Shibin
  • Nawa (Shibin El Qanater)
  • Shibin El-Qanater
  • Taha Nub
  • Tal Bani Tamim
  • Elmoreeg


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