Scar Yosaburo

Scar Yosaburo (切られ与三郎, Kirare Yosaburō) is a 1960 Japanese chambara ("sword-fighting") film directed by Daisuke Itō starring Raizo Ichikawa, originally released by Daiei Film (now known as Kadokawa Pictures).

Scar Yosaburo
Directed byDaisuke Itō
Written byDaisuke Itō
Music byIchirō Saitō
CinematographyKazuo Miyagawa
Release date
July 10, 1960
Running time
94 minutes


The film depicts the scarring of Yosaburo (Raizo Ichikawa) at the hands of yakuza thugs who catch him with mistress of the gang boss. Despite the physical and emotional scars he now carries with him, Yosaburo falls for a young noblewoman (Manami Fuji). The rest of the film follows the two as they fend off attacks from gangs and the police.


Film Festivals

Scar Yosaburo has been part of a number of film festivals celebrating the chambara genre, and also in retrospectives of the careers of Raizo Ichikawa and Shintaro Katsu in the last decade.[1][2] The film was also featured in the Japan Society of New York's film festival celebrating the Chambara genre during the winter 2009-2010 season.[3]


  • The character of Yosaburo is based on a popular character in Kabuki theater of the same name (although there are slight variations). Like the Yosaburo portrayed in Kirare Yosaburo, he is scarred all over his upper body and face.[4]


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