Robert Yellin

Robert Yellin is an American Japanese ceramics specialist who has regularly written for several publications. Yellin currently resides in Japan where he has been living since 1984.[1] He owns and runs Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery in Kyoto in addition to an informational website and online Japanese ceramic art gallery.[2] Yellin previously wrote the "Ceramic Scene" column for The Japan Times for 10 years.[2][3] He has written in the past for Daruma Magazine., Asian Arts, Winds Magazine, among others[2][4] He previously wrote for the quarterly Japanese ceramics magazine Honoho Geijutsu.[5] Yellin wrote "Yakimono Sanka" published by Kogei Shuppan, a book about sake utensils which was later translated into English under the title "Ode to Pottery, Sake Cups and Flasks".[2]

In 2012 Yellin was invited to host a segment on Japanese artisans as part of a TV series created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan titled "Japan: Fascinating Diversity." The goal of the series was to help viewers around the globe rediscover the appeal of Japan.[6]

Since 2012, Yellin has been a guest lecturer on specialty Ceramics Tours conducted by Esprit Travel & Tours. He shares his knowledge and passion for Japanese ceramics through visits to artists' studios and museum throughout Japan.


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