Ralja (river)

The Ralja (Serbian Cyrillic: Раља) is a river in Šumadija region of Serbia, a 51 km long left tributary to the Jezava, a tributary of the Great Morava river.[1] It also gives its name to the surrounding Šumadija's subregion of Ralja.

Ralja (Раља)
River Ralja near the village of Ralja (Smederevo)
Country Serbia
Physical characteristics
  locationKosmaj mountain, west of Velika Ivanča
Jezava, at Radinac
44.6145°N 20.9886°E / 44.6145; 20.9886
Length51 km (32 mi)
Basin size310 km2 (120 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionJezavaGreat MoravaDanubeBlack Sea

The Ralja originates from the northern part of the Kosmaj mountain, north of the village of Velika Ivanča, in the Sopot municipality of the City of Belgrade. Almost from the source, the river valley is a route for the Belgrade-Niš railway. At the villages of Popović and Mali Požarevac, the Ralja turns straight to the east for the rest of its flow and also from this point, the Belgrade-Niš highway joins the railroad.

As it flows next to the Belgrade suburbs of Dražanj, Umčari and Živkovac, the Ralja divides Podunavlje region from the Ralja region of the low Šumadija, and leaves the City of Belgrade area at the village of Malo Orašje. After the villages of Binovac, Kolari, Vrbovac and Ralja, the river separates from the highway turning north at the village of Vranovo and empties into the one of several arms of Jezava at the Smederevo's suburb of Radinac.

The Ralja drains an area of 310 km², belongs to the Black Sea drainage basin and it is not navigable.

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