Qasr El Eyni Hospital

Kasr Al Ainy Hospital (Arabic: مستشفى القصر العيني) is a research and teaching hospital in Cairo, Egypt. This hospital is affiliated with the Kasr Al Ainy Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.

Kasr Al Ainy Hospital
Cairo University Hospitals
New Kasr Al Ainy Teaching Hospital
LocationCairo, Egypt
Care systemMinistry of Health and Population (Egypt)
Hospital typeTeaching hospital
Affiliated universityFaculty of Medicine, Cairo University.
Emergency departmentYes
Founded11 March 1827 (in Abu Zaabal)[1]


In 1827, a medical school was established and attached to a military hospital in Abu Zaabal. The French doctor Antoine Clot Bey (Antoine Clot) became the first director of the medical school and hospital.[2]

In 1837, the medical school and hospital was moved to Qasr El Eyni Street in Cairo. The hospital was renamed as "Qasr El Eyni hospital".

In 1838, The first school for midwifery was established in Qasr El Eyni Hospital.

In 1848, Clot Bek resigned and went back to France.

In 1855, Clot Bek was re-appointed director of medical school and Qasr El Eyni Hospital.

In 1858, Clot Bek returned to France for health reasons.

In 1925, the medical school and Qasr El Eyni Hospital joined Cairo University. Dr. Welson was appointed as the new director of the hospital.

From 1929 to 1940, Dr. Aly Basha Ebrahim was appointed the Dean of the faculty and the director of the hospital.

In 1980, the Qasr El Eyni hospital was closed and the building was taken down.

In 1984, a contract for building the new Qasr El Eyni hospital was awarded to a French consortium formed from Sogya Company, Eypoty De Franc company and Set Folky.

In 1995, the new hospital buildings were completed. The cost of the new hospital was over 800 million French francs or around 150 million Egyptian pounds.

In November 1995, Cairo university started the first employment stage of the new Qasr El Eyni hospital.

On April 8, 1996, former-president Hosni Mubarak and the President of France, Jacques Chirac inaugurated the new Qasr El Eyni hospital building.

In September, 2018, Professor Hala Salah was appointed as the new Dean of the Faculty.

Specialized units

  • Gastro-enteritis
  • Qasr El Eyni Blood and Vessels Lab
  • Intensive Care Centre
  • Eyes Bank
  • Specialized Medical Biochemistry Experimentation Unit
  • The Development of Medical Education centre
  • Liver and Digestive System Endoscopy
  • Clinical Toxicology Centre
  • Fungi Research Centre
  • Diagnosis and Therapy of Bilharzial Liver
  • Genetics Unit
  • The Unit of Renal Failure Therapy and Surgery
  • T.B. Research Unit
  • Measurement Unit for Fitness and Disability for Occupational Diseases
  • Tumor Radiological Therapy and Nuclear Medicine Centre
  • Tumor Symptoms Test Unit
  • Open-Heart Surgery Unit
  • The Physiological Research Unit
  • Chromosome Tissue Transplant Research Unit
  • Speech and Listening Therapy Unit
  • Nose and Snoring Therapy Unit
  • Cochlea Transplant, Ear Lab and Bank Unit
  • Epilepsy Therapy Research Unit
  • Leprosy Unit
  • Ophthalmologic Laser Diagnosis and Therapy
  • Diagnosing Parasitology Unit
  • Medical Scanning and Diagnostics Unit
  • Ultrasonic Diagnosis Centre
  • Disintegrating Urinary Tracts Stones Unit
  • Guest House, Catering and 'Fast Food' Meals Unit
  • Special Medical Centre in the Pediatric Hospital
  • Diabetic Children, Endocrinology and Metabolism Care Unit
  • Functional and Microscopic E.N.T. Unit
  • Nursing Development Research Centre
  • Preservation, Redressing and Transplanting of the Tissue of the Motor System Centre
  • Manial University Hospital
  • Virus Unit
  • Allergy and Immunological Problem Unit
  • Faculty of Dental Medicine Specialized Units
  • Faculty of Nursing Specialized Units
  • Learning Resource Center for surgical skills and training [3]
  • International Relations Office [4]


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