Publications by Rupert Hart-Davis

This list of books published by Rupert Hart-Davis comprises titles reviewed in The Times Literary Supplement (1947 to 1974), plus reprints in the Mariners Library and Reynard Library series.

Background and history

After serving in the Second World War, Hart-Davis returned to his pre-war occupation as a publisher. In 1946 he founded Rupert Hart-Davis Ltd, in partnership with David Garnett and Edward Young and with financial backing from Eric Linklater, Arthur Ransome, H. E. Bates, Geoffrey Keynes, and Celia and Peter Fleming. His own literary tastes dictated which books were accepted and which rejected. Frequently he turned down commercial successes because he thought little of the works' literary merit. He later said, "I usually found that the sales of the books I published were in inverse ratio to my opinion of them. That's why I established some sort of reputation without making any money."[1]

When the firm started, paper was rationed; they used Garnett's ex-serviceman's ration, but only one such ration per firm could be used so they could not use that of Hart-Davis. They were given the allocation at cost of a Glasgow bookseller and occasional prewar publisher, Alan Jackson. They decided to start initially with reprints of dead authors, as if a new book became a best-seller they would not have paper for a reprint and the author would leave the firm. They made an exception for Stephen Potter's Gamesmanship which was a short book; they collected every ream of paper they could buy, and printed 25,000 copies. Likewise 25,000 copies of Eric Linklater's Sealskin Trousers (five short stories) were printed.[2]

The firm had best-sellers such as Stephen Potter's Gamesmanship and Heinrich Harrer's Seven Years in Tibet, which sold more than 200,000 copies.[3] Also in the early years Hart-Davis secured Ray Bradbury for his firm, recognising the quality of a science fiction author who also wrote poetry.[4] Other good sellers were Peter Fleming, Eric Linklater and Gerald Durrell; but best-sellers were too few, and though the output of Rupert-Hart-Davis Ltd was regularly praised for the high quality of its printing and binding, that too was an expense that weighed the company down.[5]

When G. M. Young's life of Stanley Baldwin was published in 1952, both Churchill and Beaverbrook threatened to sue if certain passages were not removed or altered. With the help of the lawyer Arnold Goodman an agreement was reached to replace the offending sentences, but they had the "hideously expensive" job of removing and replacing seven leaves from 7,580 copies.[6]

By the middle of the 1950s, Rupert Hart-Davis Ltd could no longer sustain an independent existence and in 1956 it was absorbed into the Heinemann group.[7] Heinemann sold the imprint to the American firm Harcourt Brace in 1961, who sold it to the Granada Group in 1963, when Hart-Davis retired from publishing, though remaining as non-executive chairman until 1968.[8] Publications by the firm after Hart-Davis's retirement are included in the list. Hart-Davis continued to contribute some books to the company's lists after he retired.

The Rupert Hart-Davis Ltd logo was a woodcut of a fox, with a background of oak leaves. The company was based at No. 36 Soho Square, London W1 from 1950, when they moved from 53 Connaught Street. Initially they planned to publish eight books according to their first advertisement in The Bookseller, including Fourteen Stories by Henry James which was dated 1946 but did not actually appear until 14 February 1947. The annual book output according to Hart-Davis was: 1948, 16; 1949, 21; 1950, 25; 1951, 40; 1952, 37; (1953 not given); 1954, 41; 1955, 46; 1956, 45; 1957, 55 then 1962, 60.

Book series published over the years by Rupert Hart-Davis included the Reynard Library[9][10] of reprints of works from the great English writers, the Mariners Library of reprints of nautical books,[11][12] and the Soho Bibliographies started with W. B. Yeats by Allan Wade in 1951.[13]

Year Title Author Editor/illustrator etc.
1947 Fourteen Stories by Henry James James, Henry Garnett, David (editor)
1947 Democracy and the Arts Brooke, Rupert Keynes, Geoffrey (preface)
1947 Are These Hardships Necessary? Harrod, Roy
1947 Sealskin Trousers, and other Stories Linklater, Eric Hassall, Joan (illustrator)
1947 The Theory and Practice of Gamesmanship; or, The Art of Winning Games without Actually Cheating Potter, Stephen Wilson, F., Lieutenant-Colonel (illustrator)
1948 The Modern Everyman Burn, Michael
1948 Henry James and Robert Louis Stevenson: A Record of Friendship and Criticism James, Henry, and Robert Louis Stevenson Smith, Janet Adam (editor)
1948 The Firm of Charles Ottley, Landon, and Co Carter, John Pollard, Graham
1948 Sailing Alone Around the World and Voyage of the Liberdade Slocum, Captain Joshua The Mariners Library No. 1, Introduction by Arthur Ransome
1949 Two Memoirs: Dr Melchior: A Defeated Enemy, and My Early Beliefs Keynes, John Maynard Garnett, David (introduction)
1949 The Other House James, Henry Edel, Leon (introduction)
1949 Praeterita: Outlines of Scenes and Thoughts Perhaps Worthy of Memory in my Past Life Ruskin, John Clark, Kenneth (introduction)
1949 The Loud Red Patrick McKenney, Ruth
1949 The Life of William Blake Wilson, Mona
1949 Blake Studies: Notes on his Life and Works in Seventeen Chapters Keynes, Geoffrey
1949 Sergeant Shakespeare Cooper, Duff
1950 The Scenic Art: Notes on Acting and Drama James, Henry Wade, Allan (editor), Edel, Leon (foreword)
1950 The Complete Plays James, Henry Edel, Leon (editor)
1950 Shakespeare's Sonnets Dated, and other Essays Hotson, J. Leslie
1950 A Stranger on The Stair Mortimer, Chapman
1950 Elephant Bill Lt. Col. J.H. Williams Slim, William, Field Marshal (foreword)
1950 Mr Byculla Linklater, Eric
1950 Sir Philip Sidney Wilson, Mona
1950 Love Story McKenney, Ruth
1950 Cricket all his Life: Cricket Writings in Prose and Verse Lucas, E. V. Hart-Davis, Rupert (editor)
1950 Last Essays Young, G. M.
1950 Magic City, and other Stories Milton, Roderick
1950 Goldsmith: Selected Works Goldsmith, Oliver Garnett, Richard (editor)
1950 Some Notes on Lifemanship Potter, Stephen Wilson, Frank, Lieutenant-Colonel (illustrator)
1950 Operation Heartbreak Cooper, Duff
1950 The Dolphin in the Wood Bates, Ralph
1950 A Generation on Trial Cooke, Alistair
1951 Call It Treason Howe, George
1951 Robert Louis Stevenson: Collected Poems Stevenson, Robert Louis Smith, Janet Adam (editor)
1951 Spaces of the Dark Mosley, Nicholas
1951 Edmund Blunden: A Selection of his Poetry and Prose Blunden, Edmund Hopkins, Kenneth (editor)
1951 Sterne Sterne, Laurence Grant, Douglas (editor)
1951 Father Goose Mortimer, Chapman
1951 Johnson: Prose and Poetry Johnson, Samuel Wilson, Mona (editor)
1951 Hilaire Belloc: An Anthology of his Prose and Verse Belloc, Hilaire Roughead, W. N. (editor)
1951 The Wink Bennett, Kem
1951 Here's England McKenney, Ruth, and Richard Bransten Lancaster, Osbert (illustrator)
1951 Mistletoe Malice Farrell, Kathleen
1951 And So It Goes On: Further Thoughts on Present Mismanagement Harrod, R. F.
1951 The Sixth Column Fleming, Peter
1951 Fright in the Forest Sowerby, Benn Sassoon, Siegfried (introduction)
1951 Ti-Coyo and his Shark Richer, Clement Hopkins, Gerard (translator)
1951 The Sky is a Lonely Place Falstein, Louis
1951 A Place to Hide King, Clifford
1951 A Guide through the District of the Lakes in the North of England Wordsworth, William Merchant, W. M. (introduction)
1951 The Lightning that Struck Me Milton, Roderick
1951 The Build-Up Boys Kirk, Jeremy
1951 The Dog Star Windham, Donald
1951 The Silver Locusts Bradbury, Ray
1951 The Crippled Muse Wheeler, Hugh
1951 The Swan Steen, Marguerite
1951 Childhood at Oriol Burn, Michael
1951 The Magic of my Youth Calder-Marshall, Arthur
1951 End of the Line Baron, Stanley Wade
1951 Letters from America Cooke, Alistair
1951 The "Falcon" in the Baltic Knight, E. F. The Mariners Library No 15, Introduction by Arthur Ransome
1952 A Bibliography of the Writings of W. B. Yeats Wade, Allan
1952 The Dead Won't Know Séchan, Olivier Sainsbury, Geoffrey (translator)
1952 Dryden: Poetry, Prose, and Plays Dryden, John Grant, Douglas (editor)
1952 The Next Million Years Darwin, Charles Galton, Sir
1952 Into Hades Young, Andrew
1952 Music at Belmont Sheppard, J. T.
1952 My Friend Vassia Rounault, Jean Traill, Vera (translator), Chapman, Guy (introduction)
1952 Two Shadows Pass King, Clifford
1952 Harpoon at a Venture Maxwell, Gavin
1952 Gustave Courbet Mack, Gerstle
1952 The Life and Voyages of Captain Joshua Slocum Slocum, Victor
1952 All my Enemies Baron, Stanley Wade
1952 The Illustrated Man Bradbury, Ray
1952 Shakespeare's Motley Hotson, J. Leslie
1952 A. E. Housman: An Annotated Hand-List Carter, John, and John Sparrow
1952 ABC for Book-Collectors Carter, John
1952 A Bibliography of the Works of Max Beerbohm Gallatin, A. E., and Oliver, L. M
1952 One-Upmanship Potter, Stephen
1952 Voyage in a Barquentine Roach, Peter Seligman, Adrian (introduction)
1952 The Midnight Diary Burn, Michael
1952 One of our Submarines Young, Edward
1952 A Forgotten Journey Fleming, Peter
1952 Stanley Baldwin Young, G. M.
1952 The Cruise of the Alerte Knight, E. F. The Mariners Library No 21, Introduction by Arthur Ransome
1953 The Drunken Boat Rimbaud, Arthur Hill, Brian (translator)
1953 Macaulay: Prose and Poetry Macaulay, Thomas Babbington Young, G. M. (editor)
1953 Working with Roosevelt Rosenman, Samuel Sherwood, Robert E. (preface)
1953 People and Americans Baron, Stanley Wade
1953 Coleridge House, Humphry
1953 The Weeping and the Laughter: A Chapter of Autobiography MacLaren-Ross, Julian
1953 The Book of Cricket Verse: An Anthology various Brodribb, Gerald (editor)
1953 Around Theatres Beerbohm, Max
1953 The Power and the Valley Billings, Henry
1953 Landsman Hay: The Memoirs of Robert Hay, 1789–1847 Hay, Robert Hay, M. D. (editor)
1953 Henry James: The Untried Years, 1843–1870 Edel, Leon
1953 Take It to Heart Farrell, Kathleen
1953 Norman Douglas Dawkins, R. M.
1953 The Frozen Flame O'Brian, Patrick
1953 Bandoola Williams, J. H., Colonel
1953 The Voyage of Anahita Bernicot, Louis, Captain Allcard, Edward (translator)
1953 Seven Years in Tibet Harrer, Heinrich Graves, Richard (translator)
1953 The Golden Apples of the Sun Bradbury, Ray Peters, Eric (translator)
1953 A Blessed Girl: Memoirs of a Victorian Girlhood Lutyens, Lady Emily
1953 A Bibliography of James Joyce, 1882–1941 Slocum, John J. Cahoon, Herbert
1953 Old Men Forget: An Autobiography Cooper, Duff
1953 The March Out Shaw, James
1953 Poems to Mary Burn, Michael
1953 Hackenfeller's Ape Brophy, Brigid
1953 Hunting Scenes from Surtees Surtees, Robert Gough, Lionel (editor)
1953 Stings and Honey Jones, L. E.
1953 The Cruise of the Kate Middleton, E. E. The Mariners Library No 23, Introduction by Arthur Ransome
1954 The Incredible Mizners Johnston, Alva
1954 Ballads and other Verse Mackintosh, H. S.
1954 Wood Engravings of Thomas Bewick Bewick, Thomas Stone, Reynolds (editor)
1954 Tomorrow is Already Here Jungk, Robert Waldman, M. (translator)
1954 Perdu and his Father Rombi, Paride Reed, Henry (translator)
1954 Three Singles to Adventure Durrell, Gerald
1954 Matthew Arnold: Poetry and Prose Arnold, Matthew Bryson, John (editor)
1954 The Golden Honeycomb Cronin, Vincent
1954 Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury, Ray
1954 Jubilate Agno Smart, Christopher Bond, W. H. (editor)
1954 Son of Ti-Coyo Richer, Clement Hopkins, Gerard (translator)
1954 A Bewilderment of Birds Stanford, J. K.
1954 A Bibliography of Norman Douglas Woolf, Cecil
1954 The Dancing Bear Faviell, Frances
1954 A Tale of Two Brothers: John and Charles Wesley Brailsford, Mabel Richmond
1954 The Journal of William Beckford in Portugal and Spain, 1787–1788 Beckford, William Alexander, Boyd (editor)
1954 The Cut of the Axe Jackson, Delmar
1954 A Rogue with Ease Argus, M. K.
1954 Matthew Arnold: Poetry and Prose Arnold, Matthew Bryson, John (editor)
1954 Old Men Forget Cooper, Duff
1954 Two Memoirs Keynes, John Maynard
1954 A Bibliography of Rupert Brooke Keynes, Geoffrey, Dr
1954 Edinburgh: Picturesque Notes Stevenson, Robert Louis Coburn, Mr (illustrator), Smith, Janet Adam (preface)
1954 Tombolo Fersen, Nicholas
1954 The Collected Poems of Mary Coleridge Coleridge, Mary Whistler, Theresa (editor)
1954 The First Night of "Twelfth Night" Hotson, J. Leslie
1954 The Fragile Chain Morecroft, Annie
1954 The Wind in the Sails Perret, Jacques
1954 Caesar's Honour Hepburn, Janet
1954 The Letters of W. B. Yeats Yeats, William Butler Wade, Allan (editor)
1954 Prisoners' Bluff Magener, Rolf Creighton, Basil (translator)
1954 Call to Greatness Stevenson, Adlai E.
1954 The Bafut Beagles Durrell, Gerald Thompson, Ralph (illustrator)
1954 A Pinch of Pound Notes Dingle, John
1954 The Five Seasons Eska, Karl Kee, Robert (translator)
1954 The Voyage Alone in the Yacht 'Rob Roy' John MacGregor The Mariners Library No 24, Introduction by Arthur Ransome
1955 Son of Oscar Wilde Holland, Vyvyan
1955 Kurun around the World Le Toumelin, Jacques-Yves
1955 Tibetan Marches Migot, André Fleming, Peter (translator)
1955 The Last Sortie Zand, Herbert Woodhouse, C. M. (translator)
1955 The Moving Waters Collis, John Stewart
1955 Manuela Woods, William
1955 The Dreyfus Case Chapman, Guy
1955 The Iron Gate of Illyria Sommelius, Torgny
1955 The Wise Man From the West Cronin, Vincent
1955 The Film of Memory Druon, Maurice Budberg, Moura (translator)
1955 The Nature of Power: Civilization and Foreign Policy Halle, Louis J.
1955 The Road to Samarcand O'Brian, Patrick
1955 Mars in Capricorn: An Adventure and an Experience Cross, Beverley
1955 The Tall Dark Man Chamberlain, Anne
1955 Mirage in the Arctic Mikkelsen, Ejnar Michael, Maurice (translator)
1955 Two Thousand Fathoms Down Houot, Georges, and Willm, Pierre Bullock, Michael (translator), Cousteau, J-Y. (foreword), Tailliez, P. (introduction)
1955 Greek Entanglement Myers, E. C. W.
1955 Leopards in the Night Muldoon, Guy
1955 The West in My Eyes van de Wiele, Annie Young, Edward and Young, Diana (translators)
1955 Wordsworth: Poetry and Prose Wordworth, William Merchant, W. Moelwyn (editor)
1955 Abode of Snow Mason, Kenneth
1955 Song at the Year's Turning: Poems, 1942–1954 Thomas, R. S. Betjeman, John (introduction)
1955 The River Boy Whistler, Theresa
1955 The Lost Glacier Styles, Showell
1955 Hitler's Paper Weapon Hottl, Wilhelm Creighton, Basil (translator)
1955 All in Due Time House, Humphry Hough, Graham (editor)
1955 A House of the Rhine Faviell, Frances
1955 Early Light: Collected Poems Wellesley, Dorothy
1955 The Buried People: A Study of the Etruscan World von Cles-Reden, Sibylle Woodhouse, C. M. (translator)
1956 The Best of Friends: Further Letters to Sydney Carlyle Cockerell various Meynell, Viola (editor)
1956 Carlyle: Selected Works, Reminiscences, and Letters Carlyle, Thomas Symons, Julian (editor)
1956 Islands of Tomorrow Elmberg, John-Erik Walford, Naomi (translator)
1956 Spam Tomorrow Anderson, Verily
1956 In Time of Trouble Cockburn, Claud
1956 Bach and the Heavenly Choir Ruber, Johannes Michael, Maurice (translator)
1956 A Most Contagious Game Grafton, Samuel
1956 The Golden Ocean O'Brian, Patrick
1956 Lying in the Sun, and other Stories O'Brian, Patrick
1956 The Iron King Druon, Maurice
1956 Switch on the Night Bradbury, Ray Gekiere, Madeline (illustrator)
1956 The Siege of Nanga Parbat, 1856–1953 Bauer, Paul Rickmers, R. W. (translator), Hunt, Sir John, (Preface)
1956 The Drunken Forest Durrell, Gerald Thompson, Ralph (illustrator)
1956 The Mermaids Boros, Eva
1956 What I Think Stevenson, Adlai E.
1956 The Reluctant Legionnaire: An Escapade Alexander, Michael
1956 The Lonely South Migot, Andre Graves, Richard (translator)
1956 The View from this Window Whistler, Laurence
1956 The October Country Bradbury, Ray
1956 My Aunt's Rhinoceros Fleming, Peter
1956 William Nicholson Brouse, Lillian
1956 The Nightwalkers Cross, Beverley
1956 G. M.: Memories of George Moore Cunard, Nancy
1956 Aristotle's Poetics House, Humphry Hardie, Colin (editor)
1956 Green with Beasts Merwin, W. S.
1956 The Letters of William Blake Blake, William Keynes, Geoffrey (editor)
1956 The Silver Kingdom Garnett, Richard Dickins, Jane (illustrator)
1956 The Strangled Queen Druon, Maurice Hare, Humphrey (translator)
1956 Books and Book-Collectors Carter, John
1956 The Soldier Room Chamberlain, Anne
1956 Potter on America Potter, Stephen
1956 Nine Bald Men Cockburn, Claud
1956 My Family and Other Animals Durrell, Gerald
1956 Pacific Ordeal Ainslie, Kenneth
1957 The Birth of Rowland Lytton, Robert and Elizabeth Lutyens, Emily, Lady (editor)
1957 A Bibliography of Frederick Rolfe, Baron Corvo Woolf, Cecil
1957 Margaret the First Grant, Douglas
1957 The Last Detachment: The Cadets of Saumer, 1940 Druon, Maurice Hare, Humphrey (translator)
1957 Newman: Prose and Poetry Newman, John Henry Tillotson, Geoffrey (editor)
1957 All Through the Night Vaughan, Richard
1957 Life at Fonthill, 1807-1822: From the Correspondence of William Beckford Beckford of Fonthill, William Alexander, Boyd (editor)
1957 Two against the Ice Mikkelsen, Ejnar Michael, Maurice (translator)
1957 No Passport to Tibet Bailey, F. M.
1957 Union Street Causley, Charles
1957 The Enemy in the Heart Jones, T. H.
1957 The Last Migration Cronin, Vincent
1957 Three Hundred and Nine East, and A Night of Levitation van Orden, Bianca
1957 Invasion 1940: An Account of the German Preparations and the British Counter-Measures Fleming, Peter
1957 Cape of Storms Popham, Hugh
1957 The Poisoned Crown Druon, Maurice Hare, Humphrey (translator)
1957 The Trumpeting Herd Muldoon, Guy Thompson, Ralph (illustrator)
1957 A Noise in the Night Jepson, Selwyn
1957 Ark Royal, 1939–1941 Jameson, William
1957 A. E. Housman: A Divided Life Watson, George L.
1957 The Spotted Deer Williams, J. H., Colonel
1957 Candles in the Sun Lutyens, Emily, Lady
1957 Our Square Anderson, Verily
1957 Letters to Lady Cunard, 1895–1933 Moore, George Hart-Davis, Rupert (editor)
1957 Selected Letters of Henry James James, Henry Edel, Leon (editor)
1957 The Painter's Eye James, Henry Sweeney, John L. (editor)
1957 No Earthly Command Calder-Marshall, Arthur
1957 With the Guards to Mexico! Fleming, Peter
1957 Dandelion Wine Bradbury, Ray
1957 New America Stevenson, Adlai E., Harris, Seymour E., Martin, John Bartlow, and Schlesinger, Arthur Jr.
1957 The Golden Impala Ropner, Pamela
1957 The Spy's Bedside Book various Greene, Graham and Greene, Hugh (editors)
1957 Gervasutti's Climbs Gervasutti, Giusto Morin, Nea E. and Smith, Janet Adam (translator)
1957 A Sociable Plover Linklater, Eric
1957 The Sea is for Sailing Pye, Peter
1957 The True Blue Alexander, Michael
1957 A Bibliography of Virginia Woolf Kirkpatrick, B. J.
1958 The House of Fiction James, Henry Edel, Leon (editor)
1958 Doubting Thomas Brebner, Winston
1958 Georgian Afternoon Jones, L. E.
1958 – Letters James, Henry and Wells, H. G. Edel, Leon, and Ray, Gordon N. (editors)
1958 A Bibliography of the Writings of W. B. Yeats (2nd Edition) Wade, Allan
1958 A Bibliography of Henry James Edel, Leon, and Laurence, Dan H.
1958 The Royal Succession Druon, Maurice
1958 The Ride from Hell Palmer, Herbert
1958 The Man from Devil's Island Calder-Marshall, Arthur
1958 The Stories of Sean O'Faolain O'Faolain, Sean
1958 The Rainbow Comes and Goes Cooper, Diana
1958 Olympia and the Angel Cavaliero, Roderigo
1958 The Door Marked Malaya Crawford, Oliver
1958 Brighter than a Thousand Suns: The Moral and Political History of the Atomic Scientists Jungk, Robert Cleugh, James (translator)
1958 Parisian Sketches James, Henry Edel, Leon and Dusoir, Ilse (editors)
1958 Water Music van Orden, Bianca
1958 The Buttercup Children Hesketh, Phoebe
1958 Two Lakes Brebner, Winston
1958 Two Gold Rings Davies, Margaret
1958 Lost Summer Davis, Christopher
1958 Poetry for Supper Thomas, R. S.
1958 Cecilia: The Life and Letters of Cecilia Ridley, 1819–1845 Ridley, Cecilia Ridley, Viscountess (editor)
1958 T. S. Eliot: A Symposium for his Seventieth Birthday various Braybrooke, Neville (editor)
1958 The Gower Street Poltergeist Fleming, Peter
1958 Pictures in the Fire Collier, John
1958 In the Cage James, Henry Zabel, Morton Dauwen (editor)
1958 Monsters and Marlinspikes Popham, Hugh Oakley, Graham (illustrator)
1958 Tistou of the Green Fingers Druon, Maurice Hare, Humphrey (translator)
1958 Max's Nineties Beerbohm, Max Lancaster, Osbert (introduction)
1958 J. B. Priestley Hughes, David Y.
1958 Andrew Young – Poems Young, Andrew Clark, Leonard (editor)
1958 Out of the World and Back Young, Andrew
1958 Sharks are Caught at Night Poli, François Walford, Naomi (translator)
1959 On the Track of Unknown Animals Heuvelmans, Bernard Garnett, Richard (translator)
1959 The Sky Above the Roof Verlaine, Paul Hill, Brian (translator)
1959 The Tangerine de Rivoyre, Christine Denny, Norman (translator)
1959 Havelock Ellis Calder-Marshall, Arthur
1959 To Be Young Lutyens, Mary
1959 The Skylark and other Poems Hodgson, Ralph Stone, Reynolds (illustrator)
1959 A Pearl to India: The Life of Roberto de Nobili Cronin, Vincent
1959 Fortune's Fool de Nerval, Gerard Hill, Brian (translator)
1959 The Day It Rained Forever Bradbury, Ray
1959 The Guitar del Castillo, Michel Hare, Humphrey (translator)
1959 The Sacred Fount James, Henry Edel, Leon (introduction)
1959 The Darkest Bough Chamberlain, Anne
1959 The Mastepiece and the Man: Yeats As I Knew Him Gibbon, Monk
1959 Once is Enough Smeeton, Miles
1959 The Light of Common Day Cooper, Diana, Lady
1959 The Siege at Peking Fleming, Peter, Colonel
1959 Child of the Twenties Donaldson, Frances
1959 The Unknown Shore O'Brian, Patrick
1959 Corridor of Honour Fersen, Nicholas
1959 Whistle the Wind Shearwood, Kenneth
1959 A Seal Flies Pearson, R. H.
1959 Big Charlie Williams, J. H.
1959 Woman's Estate Napier, Mary
1959 Engraved Glass, 1952–58 Whistler, Laurence
1959 The Face of War Gellhorn, Martha
1959 Friends and Enemies Stevenson, Adlai E.
1959 The Lion Kessel, Joseph Green, Peter (translator)
1959 I Forgot to Tell You Jones, L. E.
1959 Mother Was Always in Love van Rensselaer, Philip
1959 Sealed with a Loving Kiss Hughes, David
1959 Burning Secret McDonell, Gordon
1959 The Curtain Falls Druon, Maurice Hare, Humphrey (translator)
1959 Dickens Incognito Aylmer, Felix
1959 The Fair to Middling Calder-Marshall, Arthur
1959 The White Spider Harrer, Heinrich Merrick, Hugh (translator)
1959 Steps to Immaturity: An Autobiography Potter, Stephen
1959 Scotty Davis, Christopher
1960 The Owl of Minerva Regler, Gustav
1960 The Witch Hulton, Nika, Lady
1960 A Snare for the Heart de Rivoyre, Christine Hare, Humphrey (translator)
1960 Shakespeare's Wooden O Hotson, J. Leslie
1960 Watch and Ward James, Henry
1960 The Living House Ordish, George
1960 The Hero Continues Windham, Donald
1960 Sickert Browse, Lillian
1960 The Answer to Life is No anonymous
1960 Arnold Bennett and H. G. Wells – Letters Bennett, Arnold and Wells, H. G. Wilson, Harris (editor)
1960 Alexander the God Druon, Maurice
1960 Gentlemen Convicts Poli, François Walford, Naomi (translator)
1960 When We Dead Awaken Ibsen, Henrik Meyer, Michael (translator)
1960 The Curse of the Misbegotten Bowen, Croswell
1960 Daughters of Divinity Anderson, Verily
1960 Songs of a Mad Prince Jones, T. H.
1960 The Lady from the Sea Ibsen, Henrik Meyer, Michael (translator)
1960 John Gabriel Borkman Ibsen, Henrik Meyer, Michael (translator)
1960 Brand Ibsen, Henrik Meyer, Michael (translator)
1960 The Collected Poems of Andrew Young Young, Andrew, Canon Clark, Leonard (editor)
1960 The She-Wolf of France Druon, Maurice Hare, Humphrey (translator)
1960 The Custard Boys Rae, John
1960 Stanley's Way Sterling, Thomas
1960 Trumpets from the Steep Cooper, Diana, Lady
1960 A Zoo in My Luggage Durrell, Gerald
1960 Tibet Is My Country Norbu, Thubten Jigme and Harrer, Heinrich Fitzgerald, Edward (translator)
1960 Hired to Kill Morris, John
1960 The Saving Remnant: An Account of Jewish Survival Since 1914 Agar, Herbert
1960 The Warm Country Windham, Donald
1960 A Hundred Sonnets Turner, Charles Tennyson
1961 Lady Lytton's Court Diary, 1895–1899 Lutyens, Mary (editor)
1961 There is a River Vaughan, Richard
1961 The Death of Tristan del Castillo, Michel Hare, Humphrey (translator)
1961 Bayonets to Lhasa Fleming, Peter, Colonel
1961 A Fly-Switch from the Sultan Bates, Darrell
1961 Gentle Enchanter Gautier, Théophile Hill, Brian (translator)
1961 The First Five Lives of Annie Besant Nethercot, Arthur H.
1961 The Bishop's Aunt Jones, L. E.
1961 How to Become a Musical Critic Shaw, George Bernard Laurence, Dan H. (editor)
1961 Roderick Hudson James, Henry
1961 The Scarlet Boy Calder-Marshall, Arthur
1961 A Sail in a Forest Pye, Peter, Dr
1961 George Gissing and H. G. Wells Gissing, George and Wells, H. G. Gettmann, R. A. (editor)
1961 Shake This Town Williams, Robert V.
1961 Guy Domville James, Henry Edel, Leon, (introduction)
1961 Geoffrey Keynes Carter, John Waynflete (Contributor)
1961 Goodbye to the Bombay Bowler Fleming, Peter
1961 An Anthology Agate, James van Thal, Herbert (editor)
1961 A Taste of the Hills Smeeton, Miles
1961 The Burial Lash, Jennifer
1961 The Hook: An Eye for an Eye Katcha, Vahé Torok, Alexander and Hughes, David (translator)
1961 The Shell at My Ear Bates, Darrell
1961 The Christening Party Steegmuller, Francis
1961 The Whiston Matter Arnold, Ralph
1961 The Horsehair Sofa Hughes, David
1961 The Franco-Prussian War Howard, Michael
1961 Gondolier Marchant, William
1961 Mischief among the Penguins Tilman, H. W.
1961 Roll of Honour Linklater, Eric
1961 Winter Shoes in Springtime Smeeton, Beryl
1961 The Whispering Land Durrell, Gerald Thompson, Ralph (illustrator)
1961 Tares Thomas, R. S.
1961 Audible Silence Whistler, Laurence
1961 The Lily and the Lion Druon, Maurice
1961 Horace Walpole Lewis, W. S.
1961 The Elusive Monster Burton, Maurice, Dr
1961 Words in Season Brown, Ivor
1961 Poor Kit Smart Devlin, Christopher
1962 East 57th Street Jackson, Alan R.
1962 Crimson Joy Fenn, Charles
1962 Platform and Pulpit Shaw, George Bernard Laurence, Dan H. (editor)
1962 The Pirates of the Brig 'Cyprus' Clune, Frank Stephensen, P. R.
1962 A Very Quiet War Arnold, Ralph
1962 Nights in the Gardens of Brooklyn Swados, Harvey
1962 The Matter with Ireland Shaw, George Bernard Greene, David H and Laurence, Dan H (editors)
1962 The Wreathed Head de Rivoyre, Christine O'Brian, Patrick (translator)
1962 I Remember! I Remember! O'Faolain, Sean
1962 The Complete Tales of Henry James (2 vols) James, Henry Edel, Leon (editor)
1962 Practise to Deceive Bradshaw, George
1962 Point of Departure Ingersoll, Ralph
1962 The Fleet that Jack Built Jameson, William, Admiral
1962 A Kid Nobody Wants Kost, Robert
1962 Sunk without Trace Birley, Robert, Dr
1962 The Letters of Oscar Wilde Wilde, Oscar Hart-Davis, Rupert (editor)
1962 Conversations with Stalin Djilas, Milovan Petrovich, Michael B. (translator)
1962 Trust in Chariots Savage, Thomas
1962 A Kind of Darkness Davis, Christopher
1962 Trepidation in Downing Street Jones, L. E.
1962 A Bibliography of Siegfried Sassoon Keynes, Geoffrey, Sir
1962 Don't Look Down Katcha, Vahé Hughes, David (translator)
1962 FitzGerald: Selected Works FitzGerald, Edward Richardson, Joanna (editor)
1962 The Poet and the Landscape Young, Andrew, Canon
1962 A Change of Jungles Smeeton, Miles, Brigadier
1962 The Marconi Scandal Donaldson, Frances
1962 Sherlock Holmes Baring-Gould, William S., and Ketton-Cremer, R. W.
1962 The Test: De Gaulle and Algeria Sulzberger, C. L.
1962 Through the Hoop del Castillo, Michel Wiles, Peter (translator)
1962 The Complete Tales of Henry James, vols III and IV James, Henry Edel, Leon (editor)
1962 Henry James: The Conquest of London, 1870–1883 Edel, Leon
1963 The Sweeping Wind: A Memoir de Kruif, Paul
1963 A Bibliography of Lucretius Gordon, Cosmo Alexander
1963 A Winter in Nepal Morris, John
1963 The Tunnel under the Channel Whiteside, Thomas
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