Petsamo Province

The Province of Petsamo (Finnish: Petsamon lääni, Swedish: Petsamo län) was a province of Finland from 1921 to 1922.

Province of Petsamo
Petsamon lääni
Petsamo län
Province of Finland
Coat of arms
11,338.68 km2 (4,377.89 sq mi)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
Province of Oulu

In 1921 Soviet Russia ceded the area of Pechenga to Finland as a result of Finnish occupation of those lands and Russia's inability to fight for those because of civil war in Russia. In 1922, it was merged with the province of Oulu. In 1938, Lapland was separated from the province of Oulu and the area of Petsamo became part of the new province of Lapland. In the winter war in 1939-1940 the Soviet Union occupied Petsamo but left the area back to Finland after the Moscow peace agreement in 1940 (Viipuri was ceded to the Soviet Union.) In 1944, the whole of the former province of Petsamo was ceded to the Soviet Union as part of the preliminary peace agreement between Finland and the allies.




  • Ilmari Helenius 1921

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