Peter Morville

Peter Morville is president of Semantic Studios, an information architecture and findability consulting firm. He may be best known as an influential figure and "founding father" of information architecture, having coauthored the best-selling book in the discipline, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web.[1] For over a decade, he has advised such clients as AT&T, Dow Chemical, Ford, the IMF, the Library of Congress, and Microsoft.[2] Morville was a co-founder and past president of the Information Architecture Institute,[3] and has served on their advisory board.[1] He delivers keynotes and seminars at international events, and his work has been featured in major publications, including Business Week, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal.[4]


Peter Morville was born in Manchester, England. He holds a graduate degree in Library and Information Science, graduating from University of Michigan School of Information in 1993. He has since served on their faculty and received an Alumni Achievement Award for his work in information science.[4]

Together with Louis Rosenfeld he headed Argus Associates, the consulting firm which supported one of the precursors of the Information Architecture Institute, the Argus Center for Information Architecture.[3]


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