Order of Saint Mark

The Order of the Knights of Saint Mark (Associazione Cavalieri di San Marco in Italian) was the Order of Chivalry of the Republic of Venice. It was named in honour of Saint Mark the Evangelist.[1] The order may have lasted from the 780s to 1797, when the Republic of Venice fell. It was revived as an organization dedicated to recognizing the good works of individuals in the modern day.

Order of Saint Mark
Awarded by Doge and Senate of the Republic of Venice
TypeOrder of chivalry
MottoPax tibi, Marce Evangelista meus
Awarded formilitary and civil services
Doge of Venice


The order may have been created as early as the year 787.[1] In 1178, Doge Ziani commissioned a winged lion to represent St. Mark and declared the lion to be the emblem of Venice.[2] In 1180, a knighthood for the order of St. Mark was created.[2] Individuals inducted into the order wore a collar that showed an image of the winged lion.[3] The order ceased to exist when the Republic of Venice fell.

Knights of the Order were dubbed with a sword, those unable to do so were given the award via letters patent. The order was conferred by the Doge and the Senate of Venice.

The collar of the Order was a gold chain, pendant from this on one side the emblem of St. Mark the Evangelist; a winged Lion passant holding in its sinister paw a drawn sword erect, and in his dexter paw an open book with the motto Pax tibi, Marce Evangelista meus. On the reverse of the pendant was a portrait of the reigning Doge of Venice, with St Mark delivering a standard unto him.


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