North American Cartographic Information Society

North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) is a US-based cartographic society founded in 1980. It was founded by and for academics interested in cartography (e.g. map librarians, cartography professors and cartography lab directors). It now represents a broad mixture of academic, government and commercial interests, with a sizeable proportion of working cartographers.


To improve communication, coordination and cooperation among the producers, disseminators, curators, and users of cartographic information
To support and coordinate activities with other professional organizations and institutions involved with cartographic information
To improve the use of cartographic materials through education and to promote graphicacy
To promote and coordinate the acquisition, preservation, and automated retrieval of all types of cartographic material, and
To influence government policy on cartographic information


The membership is largely from the United States, though a small steady international presence can be felt.


NACIS hosts an annual conference in the fall at a variety of locations around North America.[1]

1980: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1981: Gatlinburg, Tennessee
1982: Arlington, Virginia
1983: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1984: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1985: Chicago, Illinois
1986: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1987: Atlanta, Georgia
1988: Denver, Colorado
1989: Ann Arbor, Michigan
1990: Orlando, Florida
1991: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1992: St. Paul, Minnesota
1993: Silver Spring, MD
1994: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1995: Wilmington, North Carolina
1996: San Antonio, Texas
1997: Lexington, Kentucky
1998: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1999: Williamsburg, Virginia
2000: Knoxville, Tennessee
2001: Portland, Oregon
2002: Columbus, Ohio
2003: Jacksonville, Florida
2004: Portland, Maine
2005: Salt Lake City, Utah
2006: Madison, Wisconsin
2007: St Louis, Missouri
2008: Missoula, Montana
2009: Sacramento, California
2010: Madison, Wisconsin
2011: St. Petersburg, Florida
2012: Portland, Oregon
2013: Greenville, South Carolina
2014: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2015: Minneapolis, Minnesota
2016: Colorado Springs, Colorado
2017: Montreal, Quebec
2018: Norfolk, Virginia[2]
2019: Tacoma, Washington


NACIS publishes a triannual journal, Cartographic Perspectives (available online as open-access) and the Atlas of Design.


The organization is a major sponsor of CartoTalk, an online forum on cartography, and of MapGiving, an initiative begun in 2008 to coordinate pro bono work by groups of cartographers.

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