Noam Chomsky bibliography and filmography

This is a list of writings published by the American author Noam Chomsky.

Books and articles by Chomsky


  • (2006). The Chomsky-Foucault Debate: On Human Nature (with Michel Foucault). New York: The New Press, distributed by W.W. Norton.
  • (2015). What Kind of Creatures Are We?. Columbia University Press. ISBN 978-0231175968.


See a full bibliography on Chomsky's MIT homepage.

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  • (1955). Logical Structure of Linguistic Theory. (A typescript Chomsky wrote in preparation for his PhD thesis, including hand-written notes made in preparation for the 1975 book, is available as a 149 MiB, 919 page PDF.)
  • (Jun 1955). Transformational Analysis (Ph.D.). University of Pennsylvania.
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  • (1979). Morphophonemics of Modern Hebrew.
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  • (1982). Some Concepts and Consequences of the Theory of Government and Binding.
  • (1982). Language and the Study of Mind.
  • (1982). Noam Chomsky on The Generative Enterprise, A discussion with Riny Huybregts and Henk van Riemsdijk.
  • (1984). Modular Approaches to the Study of the Mind.
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  • (2001). On Nature and Language (Adriana Belletti and Luigi Rizzi, ed.).
  • (2004). The Generative Enterprise Revisited: Discussions with Riny Huybregts, Henk van Riemsdijk, Naoki Fukui, and Mihoko Zushi, with a new foreword by Noam Chomsky. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.
  • (2009). Of Minds and Language: A Dialogue with Noam Chomsky in the Basque Country (edited by Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini, Juan Uriagereka, and Pello Salaburu). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • (2012) with James McGilvray. The Science of Language. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-1-107-60240-3.


Some of the books and articles are available for viewing online.[2]

Books on Chomsky

Biographies and general introductions


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By Andrew Marr
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By David Barsamian (from Alternative Radio, published in book form)
By Danilo Mandic (published copyleft by Datanews Editrice, Italy)
  • On Globalization, Iraq and Middle East Studies (2005)
  • On the NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia (2006)
By Harry Kreisler (host of the TV series "Conversations with History" by UC Berkley)
  • Activism, Anarchism, and Power (March 22, 2002) video
By Chris Steele
  • Z Magazine December 1, 2012: Struggles of the Past
  • Salon December 1, 2013: Noam Chomsky: America hates its poor
By others



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