New Borg El Arab

New Borg El Arab (Arabic: برج العرب الجديدة Borg el-ʿArab el-Gedīda) is a city in the Alexandria Governorate that covers an area of roughly 191 km2. It is 48 km south-west of central Alexandria, and 3 km south of Borg El Arab, and 7 km Mediterranean Coast and International Coastal Road. New Borg El Arab is one of the new cities, which were built in Alexandria Governorate to alleviate the congestion in downtown Alexandria. It was established in the year 1979 by presidential decree number 506.[2]

New Borg El Arab

برج العرب الجديدة

New Borg El Arab
Location in Egypt
Coordinates: 30°50′56″N 29°36′42″E
  city managerAmin Hassan Ghoneim
  Total74 sq mi (191 km2)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
Post code

It's divided administratively into 13 neighborhoods. It includes many schools, nurseries, universities, banks, a technological area and many sports clubs such as Smouha SC, Al Ittihad Alexandria Club and Alexandria Sporting Club -which is under construction. It also includes five industrial parks, and about 1240 producing factories with 9.853 billion pounds in investment capital.[3]


New Borg El Arab is located in Alexandria Governorate, Egypt, at latitude 30° 50' 56" North, longitude 29° 36' 42" East, bounded on the north by Borg El Arab city, on the east Borg El Arab Airport, on the west El Hamam in the Matrouh Governorate and on the south Amreya.



New Borg El Arab city includes many of hospitals and medical centers such as:

  • Al Salam Royal Hospital
  • Borg El Arab General Hospital
  • Borg El Arab University Hospital
  • Juweili Medical Center


New Borg El Arab city includes many of the nurseries, schools and universities such as:

Water and sewage

New Borg El Arab is fed with drinking water by the purification plant at km 40 Cairo–Alexandria desert road, and about sewage a treatment plant with the capacity of 36 thousand m3/day has been implemented, and the first phase of a treatment plant with the capacity of 115 thousand m3/day is being implemented.


Public buses and minibus operates along well-known traffic arteries. The routes can be identified by both their endpoints and the route between them:

  • New Borg El Arab – Muharram Bek
  • New Borg El Arab – El Mahata
  • New Borg El Arab – Km 21
  • New Borg El Arab – Amreya
  • New Borg El Arab – Borg El Arab
  • New Borg El Arab – Cairo


New Borg El Arab includes a designated area for banks, housing branches of most major banks operating in Egypt, such as QNB Al Ahli bank, Commercial International Bank CIB, HSBC Bank Egypt, Emirates NBD, Banque Misr, National Bank of Egypt, Banque du Caire, Bank of Alexandria, Crédit Agricole and Al Baraka Bank Egypt. The city also includes five industrial parks, housing about 1,240 factories with a total invested capital of roughly 10 billion Egyptian pounds.[3]


There are several mosques in New Borg El Arab city, such as:

  • The ancient mosque.
  • Sattar Latif Mosque.
  • Rahman Mosque.
  • Mosque of Islamic conquest.
  • Abdul Rahman bin Auf mosque.
  • Nour Al Eman mosque.
  • Taqwa Mosque.

and one church in the Second Neighbourhood.

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