Nakhtneith was a Queen consort of ancient Egypt. She lived during the 1st dynasty. Her name means "strong is (the goddess) Neith".

Queen consort of Egypt
Stela with name of Nakhtneith.
SpousePharaoh Djer
Full name
Dynasty1st dynasty of Egypt
ReligionAncient Egyptian religion

in hieroglyphs


Nakhtneith was the wife of Pharaoh Djer. She is known from a stela found in Abydos (stela 95)[1] where she was buried near her husband.[2][3] On the stela she holds the titles „Great one of the hetes scepter“ (Wr.t-ḥts)[4] and "she who carries Horus“ (Rmn- Ḥr.(w)). The stela is currently in the Cairo Museum (JE 35005). It measures 31.6 cm high by 18.5 cm wide.


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