mm2 Entertainment

mm2 Entertainment (a wholly owned subsidiary of mm2 Asia Ltd) is a Singapore-based film production and distribution company. It has produced notable movies such as Ah Boys to Men The Lion Men and Long Long Time Ago series.

mm2 Entertainment
IndustryConcert Production, Digital News, Movie Production, Cinema
Area served
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • China
Key people
  • Melvin Ang (Founder, Executive Chairman)
  • Chang Long Jong (Chief Executive Officer)


Founded in Malaysia in 2008, it set up a Singapore division after recognizing the great potential of film in the country. It also has a presence in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.[1]

In 2014, mm2 Asia became the first Singapore film production company to be listed in the Singapore Exchange.


  • 2008 – Founded in Malaysia[1]
  • 2008 – Set up Singapore division
  • 2014 – Parent company mm2 Asia Ltd listed on secondary board on Singapore Exchange
  • 2015 – Acquired a majority stake in Singapore-based animation company VividThree
  • 2015 – Acquired two major Malaysian multiplex cinemas
  • 2015 – To co-produce four films with Fox International Channels[2]
  • 2017 – Fully acquired Cathay Cineplexes in Singapore [3]
  • 2017 – First Singaporean film production company to be listed on Singapore Exchange mainboard (SGX stock code: 1B0) after being transferred from secondary (Catalist) board. [4]





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