Minya El Qamh

Minya El Qamh (Arabic: منيا القمح) is a city in Egypt. It is one of the biggest towns in Sharkia government and is known in Arabic as (منيا القمح) The number population of Minya el qamh is about 60,000 of which 20,000 are farmers in the nearest villages and the others are civilians who live inside the town.


Its climate is mild and it lies between Zagazig (capital of Sharkia) and Benha (capital of Qalbiya).


It contains many roads, one of which links it with Zagazig which is 15 km in an easterly direction and one which links it with Benha and some 20 km in a westerly direction.

The town lies on a branch of the Nile River which is called Moise and it separates the town into two parts the north and south part and this branch is from the most important water ways in Egypt and in the world as it is a field of travelling boats between Cairo - Alexandria - Zagazig

The closest airport to Minya El Qamh is Cairo Northern Airport which is 45 km away from Minya El Qamh and it is on the Cairo - Minya El Qamh main road


Agriculture is the most important economic activity in Minya El Qamh followed by retailing as it contains many Shopping malls - Shopping centres - Hyper markets then Industry as there are many factories and companies inside this town.

Notable persons

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