The Egyptian noble Meryre (also Merire) was the only certain High Priest of the Aten. Amongst his other titles were Hereditary Noble and High Official and Fan-bearer on the Right Side of the King[1] which emphasise his closeness to the king.[2]

Meryre (I)
High Priest of the Aten
Dynasty18th Dynasty
BurialAmarna Tomb 4

He had a tomb constructed at Amarna, Tomb 4, although his remains have never been identified. (See Tombs of the Nobles.)

It is possible that he is identical to an official known from a Memphite tomb. This official appears in his tomb with two names: Meryneith and Meryre. The latter name he was bearing in the Amarna period, while Meryneith was his name before this period and after. In his inscriptions Meryneith bears also the title of a high priest of Aton.[3]

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