M. Lothaire

M. Lothaire is the pseudonym of a group of mathematicians, many of whom were students of Marcel-Paul Schützenberger. The name is used as the author of several of their joint books about combinatorics on words. He is named for Lothair I.[1]

Mathematicians in the group have included Jean-Paul Allouche,[2] Jean Berstel,[3][4] Valérie Berthé,[2] Veronique Bruyere,[3] Julien Cassaigne,[3] Christian Choffrut,[4] Robert Cori,[4] Maxime Crochemore[2] Jacques Desarmenien,[3] Volker Diekert,[3] Dominique Foata,[3][4] Christiane Frougny,[3] Guo-Niu Han,[3] Tero Harju,[3] Philippe Jacquet,[2] Juhani Karhumäki,[3] Roman Kolpakov,[2] Gregory Koucherov,[2] Eric Laporte,[2] Alain Lascoux,[3] Bernard Leclerc,[3] Aldo De Luca,[3] Filippo Mignosi,[3] Mehryar Mohri,[2] Dominique Perrin,[3][4] Jean-Éric Pin,[4] Giuseppe Pirillo,[4] Nadia Pisanti,[2] Wojciech Plandowski,[3] Dominique Poulalhon,[2] Gesine Reinert,[2] Antonio Restivo,[3] Christophe Reutenauer, [3][4] Marie-France Sagot,[2] Jacques Sakarovitch,[4] Gilles Schaeffer,[2] Sophie Schbath,[2] Marcel-Paul Schützenberger,[4] Patrice Séébold,[3] Imre Simon,[4] Wojciech Szpankowski,[2] Jean-Yves Thibon,[3] Stefano Varricchio,[3] and Michael Waterman.[2]

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