Loppi (Swedish: Loppi, also Loppis) is a municipality in Finland. It is located in the province of Southern Finland and is part of the Tavastia Proper region. Loppi was founded in 1632. The municipality has a population of 7,865 (31 January 2019)[6] and covers an area of 655.97 square kilometres (253.27 sq mi) of which 58.36 km2 (22.53 sq mi) is water.[1] The population density is 13.16 inhabitants per square kilometre (34.1/sq mi). The municipality is unilingually Finnish. Neighbour municipalities are Hyvinkää, Hämeenlinna, Janakkala, Karkkila, Riihimäki, Tammela and Vihti. The most significant main road connection to get from Loppi to Riihimäki is the national road 54, which runs between Tammela and Hollola.

Lopen kunta
Loppi kommun
Saint Bridget Church

Coat of arms
Location of Loppi in Finland
Coordinates: 60°43′N 024°26.5′E
Country Finland
RegionTavastia Proper
Sub-regionRiihimäki sub-region
  Municipal managerMikko Salmela
  Total655.97 km2 (253.27 sq mi)
  Land597.62 km2 (230.74 sq mi)
  Water58.36 km2 (22.53 sq mi)
Area rank140th largest in Finland
  Rank125th largest in Finland
  Density13.16/km2 (34.1/sq mi)
Population by native language
  Finnish98.3% (official)
Population by age
  0 to 1419.8%
  15 to 6462.4%
  65 or older17.7%
Time zoneUTC+02:00 (EET)
  Summer (DST)UTC+03:00 (EEST)
Municipal tax rate[5]20%


There are three big villages in Loppi: Loppi (Kirkonkylä), Launonen and Läyliäinen. Most of the inhabitants of the municipality live in these villages. Other villages include Hevosoja, Hirvijärvi, Hunsala, Joentaka, Kormu, Metsäkylä, Ourajoki, Pilpala, Räyskälä, Sajaniemi, Salo, Teväntö, Topeno and Vojakkala, but most of them are minor compared to the three largest.

Notable places

Marshal Mannerheim's hunting lodge (Marskin maja (Marshal's lodge) in Finnish) was moved from Karelia to Loppi in 1942 during the Continuation War. It is located on the side of lake Punelia and nowadays functions as a restaurant and museum.

The Räyskälä Airfield is located in Loppi. It is home to the Finnish Sports Aviation Academy and one of the busiest general aviation airfields in Finland.

The church of Saint Birgitta is situated in Loppi. It is commonly called the Santa Pirjo, Pirjo being the Finnish version of the name Birgitta. The church is one of the oldest wooden churches in Finland, being about 300 years old.

Notable people


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