Liverpool (1815 ship)

Liverpool was launched at Calcutta in 1815. She traded between Britain and India under a license from the EIC, and was lost in May 1823.

United Kingdom
Name: Liverpool
Namesake: Liverpool
Builder: Michael Smith, Howrah, Calcutta
Launched: 1815
Fate: Wrecked May 1823
General characteristics
Tons burthen: 515,[1] or 527[2] (bm)
Notes: Teak-built

In 1813 the British East India Company (EIC) lost its monopoly on the trade between India and Britain. British ships were then free to sail to India or the Indian Ocean under a license from the EIC.[3]

Liverpool first appeared in Lloyd's Register (LR) in 1816 with J.Green, master, Capt. & Co., owners, and trade Liverpool–India.[4] Thereafter she traded between Britain and India under a license from the EIC.

In 1819 her master was James Green, and her owner was Palmer & Co.[5]


Liverpool was lost on the Long Sand, Bay of Bengal,[1] on 27 May 1823 in a hurricane. There were only four survivors of her crew.[6] LR for 1824 showed Liverpool with J. Green, master, Capt.& Co., owners, and trade Liverpool–Calcutta. The entry has the notation "lost" by her name.[7]

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