List of translators

This is primarily a list of notable translators. Large sublists have been split off to separate articles.

By text

By target language

Into Arabic

Into Albanian

Into Armenian

Into Azerbaijani (Azeri)

Into Bulgarian

Into Chinese

Into Czech

Into English

Into Finnish

Into French

Into German

Into Greek

  • Yannis Livadas – the most productive translator concerning modern and postmodern English and American poetry in Greek

Into Chichewa/Chinyanja

Into Gujarati

Into Hebrew

Into Hindi

Into Interlingua

Into Italian

Into Japanese

Into Juhuri

Into Kannada

Into Konkani

Into Latin

Into Malayalam

Into Manipuri

Into Marathi

Into Nepali

Into Persian

Into Polish

Into Portuguese

Into Punjabi

Into Russian

Into Sanskrit

Into Saurashtra

Into Spanish

Into Swahili

Into Swedish

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